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Unheard, unsound, and atmospheric, with the hearts of music heard within.

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Hi guys, on this weekly update we're going to showcase the hard work and effort of our wonderful musicians and composers. Today we have three new atmospheric songs that will be found and played throughout Luftahraan. These songs are all original and created with care and love.

Without further delay, here are some samples of our composers' works.

Make a Stand-JonathanMoray

This song is quite powerful, and while it is still a WIP, conveys a lot of emotion. It can be heard during cinematic parts of the main quest, as well as in dire times and situations. The story tells the tale of fighting against all odds and striving for the final hope.


This song again is very powerful, very epic. You can easily picture a large battle taking place, with many heroes on both sides winning and losing. There you can see warriors battling one another, and perhaps you might see a lone swordsman hacking his way through an army of levies.

Far Off-RaMa

This song is a bit lighter, but very atmospheric, and can be heard while walking around Luftahraan. It conveys a sense of wandering, of mystique, and yet of adventure.

Thanks for checking out this weekly update, and if you have any questions and concerns please contact me or the Dev team. Do not hesitate to leave a comment, or send a PM. Please check us out on the forums at


Cool. (:

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HOLY ****.... WOOOOOW!!! I LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait to install this mod!!! Do you guys have an idea on a rough ETA for this mod?

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