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In which I discuss the next major area of focus for the game, the different layers of audio used in game, and show a short video so you can hear some voice acting and see a couple new sights!

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Hello once again Indie/ModDB! This past week, I have begun working on a couple new segments, including the second major area of the game, called "The Pit." This is the place where, as Troy puts it, "my heart of hearts resides." What's down below, nobody knows... at least not until the game is released. This area has more of a focus on music and its importance to both Troy and Sarah as individuals. It is lighter in tone than the Grey Room in terms of their relationship, but of course music is a path to the soul that is not always a happy one. But it is at least a meaningful one. I have all of my ideas for the level design written up and am now working on making the puzzles as creepy and enjoyable as possible.

In other news, I am slowly but surely getting into implementing the voice acting into different parts of the game. There are three layers of audio I am always keeping in mind throughout game play: music, ambiance, and voice. Each is either used or silenced for a specific purpose. Audio is so, so important to a horror game, in particular for the way it can be used to keep things paced correctly and build tension or expectations at the right moments. Once I have more voice assets available, I plan on going into more detail on layering audio and what it means to me and to "Lights."

Finally, I created a short video today to show some of the audio I'm working on as well as some new sights in-game so you can see the progress being made. As a music producer, I LOVE having good samples to work with, and I am very impressed with the quality of what I have received so far. It makes my job a whole lot easier. You can watch the video either:

On Youtube -

Or right here-

I greatly appreciate those of you who have reached out to me or expressed interest in the game, I promise the finished product will not disappoint! Releasing a half-finished project would be equivalent, in my mind, to showing off my Kindergarten artwork. Which is very bad. Cheers :)

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