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This is our 4th Weekly Update here to talk about our progress during this week, errr... last week.

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sadly, we have had many issues trying to get this update online.
the first one uploaded by jukki, suddenly got deleted, and we are not sure why.
the second one I tried to upload, well, my computer just flat out died while I was trying to upload.
and this is my third attempt!
if you can read this. VICTORY :D
Anyways, this week was all, okay, mostly about code, we added some features, and fixed a lot of bugs that were either a) driving us crazy, or b)needed to be fixed... or c) just there. :P

Graphical things we have done
SKYBOX :D, we (I) have made the a skybox for Nacht der Untoten!, expect pics soon ;)
I would post now, but I don't have access to my psp, sorry guys!

Things we added.
-Sprinting!, we all know you could sprint in previous versions, but we changed it so when you sprint, your gun actually moves just like in the real cod! :D
there are still some slight bugs, but those could be easily fixed, but it seems as though we are EXTREMELY lacking on free time lately for some reason, and I have not been able to get any graphics done... I blame the gremlins :(
-New Engine!, we are currently(whenever we have time) posting all the features we had in the previous engine, to the new and awesome-re Proquake!, thanks @BAKER ;)
-Muzzle flashes!, well, kinda, still a lot of bugs with positioning and such, but we have them for the most part.

Things we fixed.
Flamethrower crash glitch, well, when you used it, it made the psp crash.
Iron sights bug, they needed some fine tuning ;)

and I think that just about sums up last week!
again, sorry guys, it's just that we are REALLY busy with life, I haven't talked to jukki in like 5 days, and we used to talk every day.

don't worry about the lack of pics, expect an accompaniment video to show our new features! :)

Jukki - - 841 comments

i see dis lawl. But thats beause i am in nzp group lawl

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blubswillrule Author
blubswillrule - - 561 comments

lawl, i haz yet to record vids ;)

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¤Tr¡¢ky¤ - - 13 comments

Awesome! Wish i still had my psp lol. But ill just have to settle for the pc version :P. Keep up the great work guys. :D

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kazumo - - 1,174 comments

Nice, this game will be awesome :3

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Jukki - - 841 comments

Thank you guys.

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Metal_Invader - - 809 comments

Cool update :)

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Biodude - - 2,029 comments

proquake eh?

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