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Were starting a weekly news things. So here is some news.

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Weekly News Update #1

I think I should start off by saying, this will be (Hopefully) a weekly thing. News every week. Next thing to say is that we have a modeler, two actually, and maybe a coder. Asisay 95 from Game Banana is helping create some models and most likely 3N7R41L5 will be helping with models and coding to. So now we have our modeling problem fixed. Also, Enotsile, from You Tube, will be doing the music. We already have a sound track up, but it's the reduced low quality version for a quick upload. Me, MythicSkull, will be doing the mapping, which I'm currently completely revising and recreating, so any pictures of map examples are not current. Right now 3N7R41L5 says that he really just wants to do modeling, and isn't very good at coding. The mod doesn't really require any advanced coding, but if anyone is interested they can help code some.


I am fairly familiar with both of their work...looks like you have some good modellers. Dont worry about doing weekly updates though; you just end up posting things that arent quite ready sometimes. Personally, I just post when I finally have something worth showing. Then, the community comes up with ways to make it better and I end up reworking whatever it is anyway :P I tried the one-a-week formula andit didnt work too well. I always ended up rushing something just to make a news post as promised.

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