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This week was focused on the drop-in/out system for input methods, and doing some refinements of physics.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the 3rd weekly devlog for The Race Factory!

This week I spent a fair amount of time on making a drop-in/out system for the menu, this system lets up to 8 players connect and play via keyboard or gamepad, as well as drop-out and let AI take over. The system currently supports Keyboards, Xbox 360/One controllers, and PS4 controllers.

I also improved the detection system for deciding whether a car is on or off the track, and cars off the track will now be slowed down, this prevents the cutting of corners, and makes the AI a little more difficult to beat.

A countdown timer has been added once the first car finishes, which prevents the race dragging on too long if there are cars miles behind, this will be especially useful once online races have been added to the game.

AI have had some minor tweaks, basically to make them push harder when on straights, this has improved lap times on the 2 test tracks I have made, and makes them more challenging.

Next week I hope to focus on sounds and music, making sure the music transitions well and the sound effects fit in with the game. Also considering a change in graphics style, perhaps make it a little more artistic and bright.

See you next week!

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