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Second Devlog, focusing on the addition of tournaments, and a look at track objects you can place on your own tracks.

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Welcome to the 2nd DevLog for TRF!

This week was mostly focused on the tournaments system, unfortunately there's not much to say or show related to this, just that you can select to play between 1-32 races in a session, and points will carry over between the races, Player 1 currently selects the next track in the tournament at the end of each race, however this may change later on.

As you can see, a new font has been added, which makes the text bigger and a bit easier to read, here's an image of the race results screen so you can compare with the previous devlog.

I'd also like to show you some track objects that have been added to the game, these are objects that you place after you've finished designing the track layout, they can be used just to beautify the track (in the case of trees) or to add different elements to your track.

The first image is a mud trap, which quickly slows down your vehicle.

The second image is a water splash, this also slows down your vehicle, but not quite as much as the mud trap.

The final image is simply tyre walls, these can be placed on or around the edge of your track to have an impassable obstacles that you need to drive around.

There are other track objects that I'll go into in the next Devlog.

As you may have noticed, a Desert environment has been added, alongside grass, currently the desert track pieces are a work-in-progress, as I'm trying to get them to blend well with the background, but also have a clearly defined race track, but for now, the racing track works well enough with the Desert environment.

The next Devlog should be focused on controls & UI, as well as further information on objects that you can place on your tracks.

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