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A quick summary of some of the things we did this week-ish.

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Last week there was no update. As always, my apologies. Things have continued to occur, but it hasn't really been stuff that looks good in screenshots or which makes for particularly worthwhile discussion.

Morpher has been doing a bit of coding, and has overhauled the day/night lighting loop which he has been adding to most maps. I've been doing campaign mapping, but it's all in either so rough that it's not worth showing or so spoilery that I don't want to show it. SG SCIPCION has been working on some interesting new plant life, which will make some areas start to look a bit more alien and mutated. They're still work in progress, but there's some pretty interesting shapes and textures already coming along here.

Apart from a bit of mapping, I've been working on terrain a lot recently. So lets talk about terrain.

Specifically, lets talk about ice. Ice is pretty cool stuff in TS; heavy units will crack it as they travel over it, or just plain fall right through it if they're heavy enough. Weapons fire with break it too. It'll grow back over time as the water re-freezes. That adds a bunch of interesting opportunities by way of tactics.

Oh look, it's vanilla TS!

The challenge is balancing it such that GDI doesn't have to invest in helipads early, taking up a lot of space and defining how they build their base for the remainder of the game. We also don't want snow maps to encourage too much hover vehicle spam, although the presence of hover vehicles in GDI's roster is a good way to offset the potential impact of ice-heavy maps. Ice should be tactically interesting to use, and Nod should be able to force GDI into having to cross it on occasion, but it shouldn't limit the toolkits of either faction in the process. All in all, it might take a bit of playtesting and iteration to get it right but it shouldn't be a big issue at all.

Oh look, it's more vanilla TS!

From a visual standpoint, the ice shores are pretty blocky. I've been working this week on making a set of ice shore tiles and this is a difficult thing to avoid. They're set up differently from the regular shore tiles at an engine level, and act more like terrain blends than shore pieces. smooth curves may be impossible, but at the very least I am rounding off the corners to make the set a little less jagged.

This is an incomplete set, and the water will eventually be replaced with ice when we work out what colour to make it.

The other terrain thing I've been doing this week is an extension of some terrain stuff I've shown in the past. I've been blending the pavement cliffs to the earth tiles, and now I have both low and high versions of most of these blends. This is important for the process of porting the pavement cliffs into the snow theatre because I can now simply replace the dirt with snow. That ought to simplify the process.

Simplifying the process is good, because I am starting to get tired of staring at all these tiles in Photoshop.

Other things I've done since the last update include continuing to remake the temperate shores and creating a new set of tiberium. Though the former is incomplete and the latter is still a pixely mess.

And that's a lot of the things we did these past two weeks!

LordofGilneas - - 710 comments

Kudos man, we appreciate all the hard work and I look forward to when this comes out!

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hellodean - - 1,451 comments

its funny how the use of ice was only used in tib sun, its an interesting terrain variation that makes planning more key. defense wise rpg towers on the ice paths is awesome for gdi but nod not so much. will there be more lighter vehicles/ subterranean/ hover/ amphibious units on both sides to choose from?

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Orac| Author
Orac| - - 896 comments

That's a good question. I don't think we'll mess with the faction tech trees too much, but there is already a few light vehicles which GDI can acquire through captured tech (Forgotten Tanks and whatnot) and hover vehicles that Nod can acquire (Like the CABAL Hovertank). So clever placement of tech buildings could make these maps with treacherous terrain more interesting.

I think that making planning more key will be more of an issue for GDI than it will be for Nod, since Nod has a greater reliance already on deployable vehicles and stealth.

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ArchlordII - - 53 comments

Is it just me, or have the images vanished?

Edit: oops! just my dumb computer

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OmegaBolt - - 395 comments

Would be (n)ice to get a map where the primary route to each base is ice and but starts off as water that has to freeze, so there is basically a timer on the first engagement.

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Morpher - - 91 comments

This must happen.

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