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Game updated on Steam! And we’ll make a weekly discount from April 30!

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Greetings, friends! ;)
Game updated on Steam! And we’ll make a weekly discount from April 30! Add to wishlist, so you will never miss it.
And for now here’s a devblog for past two weeks.

1) New levels

We’ve added four new levels in the first chapter.
New levels 3 and 7 are aimed at a more smooth increase in complexity at the beginning of the game. Levels 14 and 19 are complex and interesting. The estimated time for the first chapter is now ~ 1 hour. It used to be ~ 45 minutes.
Three new levels in the second chapter (7, 8, 9). With a new puzzle, about which we wrote earlier - web. Level 5 became more difficult.
The new levels will be marked in the level selection menu. All the progress of the passage is saved, no need to star a new game.

2) The new puzzle

Jumper is a new puzzle. It throws the hero aside by 1, 2 or 3 tiles. After that, the jumper turns off.
If the hero passes through the puzzle turned off - it will be activated again, but the hero will continue to move according to the usual rules.

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Write your ideas in the comments, subscribe and tell your friends. Your support is very important for us!


Enjoy the game!

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