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It's Dec 4th, and time to make good on my scheduled release date. Also: Mapping, and Code updates!

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Oh the last 6 weeks have flown by, and its hard to believe, but this mod hadn't existed before then. Now here we're and I'm releasing the first beta, and going to sleep so good today! Let's get started:

*Help wanted! check bottom of post please.

Snowball Fight Beta 1 (Installation instructions included in zip file)
FAQ::no servers!?
no there shouldn't be any unless someone hosts one (I'm not even sure if I can add my mod to a rented server, I'll look into it later.. ), I suggest LAN, or Port Forwarding for network multiplayer. I have done successful tests with my friends on a server that I created using the Port Forwarding method.

So what have I done in the last week?

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- I touched up all the maps, and did some renaming. Made sure they all had cubemaps, ambient sound, power ups, hill, and snowman locations. (They can all play every game mode.)

- There was some coding done. info_game_zone is now a trigger brush entity you can use in hammer, and its code kills players who enter the wrong zone. There is team zones, as well as a out of bounds zone.

- A new weapon was in the works, I just ran out of time for release to complete it. rather than keep it out of the beta, I created a sever option to include the prototype weapon in the batch of power-ups, as buggy as it currently is.

2015 12 03 00005

"Use Prototype PUp" will include the prototype weapon aka "Big Balls" in the game, if you are leaving "Power-Ups" enabled.

- The Jet Pack got a world model, and connects to the player spine. It didn't work so well on the combine, turned out a little wiggly, but perfect on the rebels. That's something I will be looking into. Maybe I need all new player models because the conbine dosnt have spine2 in its skeleton? note to self.

- Tweaked the cloak effect, and added the proxy code to all the effected materials for all the current weapons and player models.

2015 12 03 00008

And of course, here's a video in which I try to display all of the newest features discussed in the above updates information:

So what now?
I'm looking for some people to help expand the project, a team of sorts.
I need mappers, another coder (or just someone to talk to who knows a lot about the engine), modelers / animators (for prop and player model work), assistant beta testers for network testing, and game play testing. If you like this project and would have time to help please contact me, and we can build this thing up a bit bigger (Its only 45mb!).

* If you do try the game out and ran into a problem or idea, you can send reports, suggestions or requests to my e-mail noted above.

Thanks again for all you following! Please do not expect an update ever week anymore, that was just during the initial beta jam. Now updates will be spread to two or three weeks, and maybe even monthly. The work is constant and I do hope to have a solid first game version release by February. But I shouldn't just plan dates anymore. Anything can come up and take the project in another direction.

Next week I'm going to write up a tutorial on how to get started (including SDK and Hammer setup) for Snowball Fight mapping wih the 2013 SDK, and all the new entities that the mods custom .fdg file uses in hammer map editor. So until then, have a good weekend people!

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this is a really awesome mod, it runs smoothly and the mechanics are really satisfying. I would love to see further development of this mod - great job!


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Thanks for those encouraging words! I'll keep on it. :D

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