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This first post to show off the list of Weapons available in the Vietnam Mod.

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US Cavalry:
  • M16 (full auto and burst) [Assault]
  • M3A1 Grease Gun [Assault]
  • BAR M1918 Bipod [Assault]
  • M1 Carbine [Rifleman]
  • Springfield [Rifleman]
  • M14 XM21 [Sharpshooter]
  • M1 Scoped [Sharpshooter]
  • M60 [Support]
  • Browning M1919A6 Bipod [Support]
  • Winchester 1200 [Engineer]
  • Double Barreled Shotgun [Engineer]
  • Double Barreled Saw-Off Shotgun [Engineer]
  • Colt 1911 Handgun
  • AK47 (Full auto and Single Shot) [Assault]
  • Ppsh-41 [Assault]
  • Mosin-Nagant [Rifleman]
  • Arisaka [Rifleman]
  • Kar98 [Rifleman]
  • SVD Dragunov [Sharpshooter]
  • Arisaka Scoped [Sharpshooter]
  • RPD [Support]
  • DP-28 Bipod [Support]
  • M1897 Trench Gun [Engineer]
  • Double Barreled Shotgun [Engineer]
  • Double Barreled Saw-Off Shotgun [Engineer]
  • TT-Tokarev Handgun
Both Teams also have a number of perks allowed such as Flame-Thrower, Bettys. Smoke grenades and standard MK2 are also present. More to follow.

I feel that the weapon list misses M1A1 (US) and PPS-43 (V/NVA). I understand your luck of resources but vanilla WAW already has a decent Tommy Gun model and making PPS-43 isn't a difficult thing. Many would be pleased if you add this two SMGs to your mod.
I'm also surprised to see Kar98, Arisaka and M1987 among vietnamese guns. Why is that?

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The vietnam guys used Russian weapons... I dont think they used a Double Barreled Shotgun or a Kar98 or even a Arisaka... about the Mosin-Nagant im not sure but I think they used it

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The Viets did use those weapons.... Well, the viet cong that is.

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They used the Baikal IZH Double Barreled Shotgun. It is a double barreled shotgun that the Russians used in WW2. Local Viet Cong used it.

The Kar98 isn't made by Russia, but Russia gave it to them after World War 2. When they captured Berlin they gave many captured German guns to fellow countries. The Viet Cong Irregulars and North Vietnamese Irregulars used them, same as the MP40. The Arisaka rifles were common as the Vietnamese had captured many during and after the Sino-Japanese War when Japan occupied Southeast Asia. They were used by North Vietnamese Snipers and riflemen as an alternative to their Russian M91/30s (Mosin-Nagants.)

Whilst of course there were probably more iconic weapons he could of chosen, these are the easiest for him as he's pretty much on his own, and these weapons are in COD WaW.

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