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A final announcement, a request for help, and more.

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So we've been down a long road, haven't we? The mod is out, people have been giving my team gracious feedback, and we're all very proud of the work we managed to do in such a short amount of time. We'd like to thank you again for your loyalty and support, even if your numbers are not large, they are consistent and dedicated. We can't let Lovecraftian horror die!

Now, I have a lot of interesting news for you. First and foremost is patching, a word I'm sure you all love to hear by now. I am very dedicated to patching, and have always been for the projects I release. Part 2 has undergone a code and stability overhaul once again. The changelog is below:


  • Part 2 Final Patch Broken books at the end fixed. Aoife's second to last diary on the docks, and Hadad's manuscript on the reef, can now be picked up
  • Occluder areas have been added to the borders of every scene, raising FPS and lowering stuttering by 60%.
  • Rock and Grass textures replaced by LOD occluded replacements, whilst looking better
  • Repainted all forest scenes, they are visually identical but optimized.
  • Reactivated three broken sound ques in Cathedral
  • Optimized all player barriers and path finding
  • Jungle scene retooled and repainted (No gameplay added)Right now we're in the testing phases of it, after a playtest is done I will upload the latest version and call it a wrap on patching Part 2 and Part 1.
  • Numerous bugfixes pointed out by the community.

Desura Edition of Part 2

I and the Desura crew are very anxious to release Part 2 on Desura alongside Part 1, which is already on Desura. This will mean a lot for the audience and playability of Part 2, as right now it is a significant pain to install manually. Part 2 on Desura will not differ in any way from the manual version content wise, but will just be significantly easier to install. Manual Part 2 will be updated to have an easier install process once the Desura version is released. Since both are Crysis mods, they will be free of course for anyone who owns Crysis and has Desura installed.

We need your help

We ask very humbly for your help, dear fans, to help us spread the word. We are all very thankful for your support with us, the 15 generous reviews we've received, and the thousand plus downloads. But we have one final request of you, our fans, and that is talk about us. We are still very deep under the radar. Our daily viists measure under 50, and our direct competition for this year's Mod of the Year category receieve more than 600 a day and are not even out yet! If we reach 30 likes on Facebook by August 20th, we will have a very special treat for you! The prequel novel will be released after all and will be very short (30 or so pages) but very beautiful. Oh, did I mention what the treat was? If we get 30 likes by August 20th, The Protagonist will narrate the whole thing in audio book form in .mp3

Good enough incentive to spread the word, eh? The short story takes place from Edgar Gray's perspective and is very short, very beautiful, and very creepy. Its a prequel to Worry of Newport. What we ask of you is to spread the word.

And if we reach 50 or more likes at any point in time, a very deep secret will be revealed. Muahahaha.

Tell your friends, if they like horror, to check us out. Have a buddy who owns Crysis? Let him know we exist. Spread the word on Facebook or Twitter to give us the running speed we need to keep our hopes and motivations up, as Worry of Newport has begun its slow drift towards utmost obscurity, something we never expected with the titanic joint release in June. We need you guys to talk about us, recommend us, Like us, and help in any way possible because we need the momentum to stand a chance in the upcoming MOTY contest here on Moddb.


discoisntdead - - 51 comments

I'm planning on making a Let's Play of your mod. That should attract some attention.

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C-zom Author
C-zom - - 599 comments

Thank you so much. That would be killer.

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Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

If you were able to add subtitles, I'd be glad to translate them Turkish and advertise the mod in my country. Have you considered about subtitles?

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HEROMACHINE - - 2 comments

I have been trying to play this mod. I have it installed. When I go to mods, it shows it there, but the load button is grey and only unload and back are accesable. And Place where I can get instructions on how to start this?

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