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Want to help work on JKG? Want some experience in the video game industry? Check out some of the postings below, and if you fit the bill, submit an application on our forums!

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We are looking for dedicated, talented individuals who have experience in the following fields:

- Level Design
Applicants must have spent extensive amount of time designing levels in
Valve's Hammer software, 3DS Max, Blender, UnrealEd, or GtkRadiant (preferred). This
covers all aspects of level design, from geometry to custom texture
generation. Certain aspects specific to JKG level design will be taught.

Additional Info: Level design in 3D modeling software will be accepted as long as you have a
basic understanding of how BSP brushes will later be used (mrwonko's
blender to .map patches plugin allows for the export of very efficient
map objects).

- Concept Art
Applicants must have a general idea of painting, sketching, or creating
artwork which is both technically acceptable in the engine and able to
be entered into the game. Experience in programs such as Adobe Photoshop
is nice, but not required.

- Video Editing and Filming (both JKA and otherwise)
In the video editing track, this is broken up between JKA video editing
as well as documentaries and trailer sections where video assistance is
required. Applicants must have experience in editing Quake 3 videos, or,
alternatively, creating videos using CG applications. Either way,
experience using video editing programs such as Sony Vegas is preferred.
Documentary film producers must have a constant devotion towards the

- Modeling
We are not accepting any more weapons modelers (we have more weapons
than we can deal with at the moment) however skilled environment
modelers are always in demand. Specifically skills working with Rocks,
Trees, and metal objects / junk. We are also looking for character modellers of high caliber! Additionally, if you have previously made models for JKA/JKA mods and they contain no original Raven Assets (or could be easily modified to remove those aspects) and you would like to allow us to use it in the Mod we would be happy to accept models of sufficient quality.

- Texture Artists
We have a lot of untextured weapons that could use a lick of paint. Applicants should be comfortable and competent texturing metal and rubber and using modeler-provided Ambient Occlusion maps and Specular lighting details in their work.

Any of these fields of experience are awesome if you have them:

  • JK3/JK2/Quake3 Source Code Familarity
  • Moderate Understanding of C/C++
  • LUA Programmers/Scripters
  • QT C++ Application Experience

Additionally, JKG is now open-source so if you don't have time to contribute as an Official Developer, you are welcome to make contributions through the github.

If you fit the bill for any or multiple positions, submit an application on our forums today. We also recommend you get in touch with us on our IRC as soon as possible. JKG will provide you with both experience in the video game field, immense satisfaction and interaction with a great community and team! We look forward to completing your training.


I know mapping with GTK radiant and blender well i will help if i can use Moddb and the chat (I am TK0130)

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Darth_Futuza Author

Please jump in on our irc (quick link: ) and get in touch with us. You will want to talk to Pande as he is our lead mapper at the moment. You may also send me a message here if you are having trouble getting in touch with people. Thanks for your interest!

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