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With the beta starting up this weekend, it's time for our final overview post for 1.1, this time talking about heroes.

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With the beta starting up this weekend, it's time for our final overview post for 1.1, this time talking about heroes.

Heroes in Ascendancy are absed on the E4X hero system developed by GoaFan for the Star Wars: Interregnum (and E4X) mod- before the game, if you want heroes enabled, you enable them in the pregame options. You will then have access to a station which can call in heroes for you, after completing the required research. Typically, heroes can respawn after they die, however there will be at least one exception to this. There is also one hero per faction which is available only in the flagship victory mode.

The heroes for each faction are as follows. For more information on their abilities, you the video at the end runs through all abilities for all heroes:

New Republic:
- Han Solo & Chewbacca (Millenium Falcon)
- Talon Karrde (Wild Karrde)
- Admiral Ackbar (Home One)
- Leia Organa-Solo (Rebel Dream, ISD) [Flagship]

Imperial Remnant:
- Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon (Right to Rule, ISD) [Requires Pellaeon/Thrawn Regime]
- Grand Admiral Thrawn (Chimaera, ISD) [Requires Pellaeon/Thrawn Regime]
- Admiral Natasi Daala (Knight Hammer, Executor) [Requires Daala Regime]
- Emperor Palpatine (Eclipse) [Requires Palpatine Regime]
- Sate Pestage (Ciutric, ISD) [Flagship]

Pentastar Alignment:
- CEO Elta Besk (Dynamic, Munificent-class)
- Governor Ib Dekeet (Velcar, Secutor-class)
- Grand Moff Ardus Kaine (Reaper, Executor-class)
- Grand Admiral Octavian Grant (Oriflamme, ISD) [Flagship]

Empireof the Hand:

- Admiral Ar'alani (Frontier, Syndic-class)
- Commander Stent (Retribution, Peltast-class)
- Admiral Siath (Battlehammer, Intego-class)
- Admiral Voss Parck (Strikefast, Victory-class) [Flagship]

nuclearsnake - - 309 comments

wheres Luke Skywalker?

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.Corey. Author
.Corey. - - 3,735 comments

Luke would not be an effective hero in a game like Sins, so we don't intend to shoehorn him in just because he's a prominent character.

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Tyrfaust - - 63 comments

Could turn everyone on their heads and give Luke a World Devastator under the Palpatine doctrine, ala Dark Empire.

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Blue_Fyre - - 713 comments

the reaper is coming to get you ... :D

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itsdakoolaiddude - - 54 comments

Dalla dalla git dollar.

Sorry, couldn't help but say that when I heard the name.

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