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The PVKII team is on the hunt for fresh new talent! Apply today!

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Are you GREAT?

Are you a REAL MAN or woman?

Do others envy your SKILLS?

If you answered YES to all of the above, you may be just what we are looking for! So if you think you have what it takes to be a member of a talented and dedicated game development team, drop by our forums with some samples of your work.


Environmental Artist

Call yourself a mapper, a level designer, or an environment artist - it doesn't matter. Preferably though. you should know how to make your own props. You should also know all there is to know about the theories and practices of level design for multiplayer environments. Above all, you should know how to make a fun, visually appealing kickass map.


Must be capable of producing realistic looking animations that flow well. Must also have experience with the source engine and the process of compiling animations into the model.

2D Artist/Illustrator/Texture Artist

Could be one person, could be three. As you can probably see from this almost completely art-free advertisement, we need experienced 2D artists capable of producing a variety of different types of 2D art, and regularly. You need to be able to produce textures, class icons, concept art, graphics for promotional material and all that fun stuff.

3D Modeler

Whether you specialize in characters, weapons or props, we need you! Must be able to produce lovely-looking models that fit in with PVKII's art style.

Voice Actor

Think you've got the perfect voice to match one of our classes? Come on by! You must have your own equipment with experience in voice acting and of course, examples of things you've done in the past!

We're an easy group of people to get along with and have fun doing what we do. If you're interested in applying for a position on the team, please stop by the applications section of our forums. No time wasters please! Successful applicants will be given a test assignment and go through a short trial period before joining the team.

Is your specializing field not listed above, even though you think we could use you? Apply anyway with examples of your work!


Bingo Bango on behalf of the PVKII Team

|TheDR| - - 73 comments

I registered on the forum and tried to make a thread in the "Team Applications" forum but can't make one (it says I'm not allowed to). Any idea why this is happening? (Btw, username on the forum is TheDrOfEvil).

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ZinuX - - 20 comments

That's odd, can you post anywhere else on the forum?

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|TheDR| - - 73 comments

Yeah, i can make a topic in the PVKII Discussion forum, just not the Team Application one.

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mbob61 - - 237 comments

I can do prop modelling and texturing (although i can't make my own. I can apply ones I can find)
I'm not sure how much time i would have but if you guys have a jobs list I'll see what i can do :)
In terms of a portfolio, i have these two videos of what i've done with my new software.


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