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Fubar development has just started. Therefor: we need designers, modelers, sound, programmers, leveldesigners and more. Want in? Check the forums or website.

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You can’t make a decent game without a team. And that team is currently only occupied by myself. And since i don’t have experience and knowledge about everything in gamedesign i need some help. And i can’t do it without skilled modelers, programmers, sound guys or artists.
So my request is simple:
Do you want to join the FUBAR Team? Then sign up at the forums!

Requirements are simple, you

  • need to be able to communicate in English (both reading and writing)
  • need to be at least 18 years old
  • must have a basic knowlegde of game making
  • are able to work in a team
  • are willing to work for free and spend several hours a week/month
  • like the concept

You don’t have to know everything about UDK but it certainly helps (though it is required for the level-team)
It’s ok to help multiple teams but you might want to specialise at a certain team.
At the moment i’m also looking for team-leaders. People who want to organise the teams and offer assistance to beginners. You don’t have to hold hands, but some guidance might be required. At the moment, team-leaders will just be an extra role to document and guide other team members, but i plan on having management meetings in the future.
If you just started working with game-related applications, i suggest you try to do some more training and building before you actually participate. But you can always help us by providing feedback.
If you might have ideas about the technical realisation of the project (know how to make the destruction work) but don’t want to participate, you might want to let us know how to do it on the forums. Especially if you’ve been experimenting with the same problems we (are going to) have.I’m also thinking on letting people submit their 3d models to use for this game without being in the teams. This will enable us to get some more models without having a huge team to deal with. People will have a lower threshold on submitting new models to the project. If we like it and it fits, we will add it to the game. And of course their name will be at the credits in return.So don’t wait any longer and sign up at the forums!


I love the concept.

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Replied to your post on Linkedin although i'm not sure if it has gone through!

Let me know either through PM here or there.


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