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We're conducting a playtest of Incursion! We'll be starting March 11th!

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To participate email ''.

The workshop addon is currently set to friends-only sharing, so this is how we'll be distributing the build to playtesters. I will provide you my Steam profile name on March 11th 5:00PM PST, after which you may send a friend request thus giving you access to the workshop addon. When you launch Alyx you should be able to start the playthrough like any other mod. We will allow access to this build for a week or so and end the playtest the following Sunday. On that day I will remove you from my friends list (nothing personal feel free to request again after that date 😄).

Full Requirements: Half-Life Alyx, VR headset, ability to record a playthrough and capture your voice, OBS is recommended, 45-60 minutes of your time.

  • Provide a recording of a full blind playthrough, a full playthrough takes between 30 to 45 minutes, take a break if needed, but do not forget to resume the recording.
  • Upload the video on Youtube as an unlisted video, provide us with the link.
  • Do a small test recording in advance to make sure the game audio and your microphone are captured, balance the audio to make sure we can hear you speak.
  • Talk about what is on your mind while playing, do you have enough ammo, is something unclear, are you struggling with or frustrated by something? Say it! We cannot read minds.
  • After the playtest you're welcome to send in another email with a list of any additional notes you may have that you didn't communicate in the video.

And of course thank you for your time. We would compensate you if we had the funds, but we're just like any other modders out there doing this on the side. This is voluntary work but it helps us immensely and it will help make the final build way better than it would be otherwise.

Cheers, and hope to see you on the 11th kicking some Combine ass.

Nate Grove



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