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The now and future of Elysian Fields. What we plan on doing and what will most likely be going on from here on out.

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Hello there,
Some of you know me, many of you don't. I am Flam1ng Dem0n and I am the head of our modeling and sound departments here in Elysian Fields. I also do a little of the coding, but not much. Here is what is going on with the Elysian Fields mod for Command and Conquer 3.

As many of you know, the mod team...wait...were a TEAM?! But there are only two of us, how does that even work? My brain hurts.

Anyways, our so called "Team" has been on a sort of hiatus (with school and all those important life things), thus we have not been able to really dedicate as much of our attention to the mod as we wish we could. I (personally) will be out of school here soon for summer break (Yay), and that means that I will be able to dedicate more time to this mod and what it contains. This means that there will be more content flowing onto this here Elysian Fields mod page. This also means that all you fans out there will be getting more....excited? That can't be the right word.

*Checks writers script*

Oh! sorry I meant more Content to view and see what is in store for mods release. Really who wrote this?

Oh....never mind

Moving on, I will also plan on uploading weapon sounds to the mod page for you all to listen to an enjoy the sound of a shotgun to the face. Because as we all know shotgun cures insubordination and.......wait a minute.

Darn it Sarge! *Walks off to find Sarge and ask him if my shotguns barrels look clogged to him*

Ok, back. Just had to "finish" someone...err...I mean something off. Anyways like I was saying, I plan on uploading some sounds that we plan on using for the mod. So get ready for those to be uploaded soon.

Also, my fellow comrade and modder madiba127 has actually created script for a possible campaign for the mod. This means that there is much for then meets the eye to this mod and thus we do plan on creating a Campaign of some sort. And in other news, Tucker was finally able to pick up those chicks somewhere in the canyon.

....Why do I get the feeling that this whole news article is being written by a Red vs Blue fan.

Oh wait...

Anyways that is all I can say for now, because well...that is all there is to say.

Stay tuned to a UNSC Propaganda Center near you for further it develops.

galaxy366 - - 655 comments

Yes! This made my day :D

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Madiba127 - - 396 comments

I'm Glad it did :)

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TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments


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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

I am sanguine about the possibilities here :-)

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Valherran - - 2,447 comments

Good to hear sir.

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StrykerNocte - - 474 comments

Awesome to have you guys back ^^ can't wait for further news next month! Seriously? Tucker will lose her again~ And don't mess with Sarge, he's got Caboose. As with the Campaign, it won't be a priority for us fans (I guess) and we would like to get a piece of cake (Skirmish ^^), we'll wait. Anyhow, thanks for this great news and your update is quite entertaining to say the least ;)

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Madiba127 - - 396 comments

The Campaign was something i had been working on long before us two took over the mod, it also gives us ideas on units etc that we can use ;)

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StrykerNocte - - 474 comments

You guys sure learned from Halo Wars I believe xD Now this question is taken from the Alpha Build. Will you guys make a single Pelican or two Pelicans just like in the Alpha? I know the scaling looks hard and without doubt in C&C3. But it looks awkward to see 2 different Pelicans like that, aside from that I know that carrying a vehicle and infantry simultaneously is impossible in C&C3, not without a capacity~ Glad to see that you are actually a fan of RvB and ponies at the same time, same here. Good luck guys!

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Flam1ng_Dem0n Author
Flam1ng_Dem0n - - 138 comments

We are hoping that we will not have to use two separate Pelicans for each type of unit. We also plan to (if possible) make it show a physical representation of what vehicle the Pelican is carrying (i.e. Showing a Scorpion Tank or Warthog being attached to the Pelican). This being the case, it will depend on the coding division of the mod (that being madiba127) to fully say if that is possible.

With that being said, I plan on posting another news article here soon on the matter of what all of you (the community) are looking for in this mod.

So stay tuned!

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GoldenArbiter - - 182 comments

I entirely understand your time predicament. I've been going through boot camp for the past 3 months (holy balls, has it really been that long?) and that's put a total damper on Anything I wanted to do that wasn't cleaning or sleeping.

Take as long as you need, because believe me, we're patient.

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OmegaSantana - - 18 comments

:D genial, les mando suerte y éxito ¡desde México!

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