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Despite being a patch we have uploaded this update as a full install to help avoid installation problems.

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Download main download then install patch over it.

This is a full fresh install, do not copy it on top of your current Warsword. Please delete old warsword folder and add this is it's place. This version is not game save compatible.

There is a dedicated installation assistance thread on our discord which includes a guide on how to install. If you are having any problems please join our discord and follow the instructions in the first post.

Also we have an installation guide here:

Greetings Warsword fans,

Before we begin work on our next edition we have one final Southlands release which is essentially a third patch but we are uploading it as a complete download to make installation easier for new players. While there is not a lot of new content compared to other releases this is probably the most comprehensive bug fixing patch we have had and many long term bugs, like the face corruption bug, have been tackled.

The new content we do have adds some new dimensions to the mod such as the Chaos chariot, the Araby War Elephant and the greenskin doomdiver trolls. We also have new skeleton items for Vampire Counts and lots of new unique scenes to visit and siege by Morgul and Dajimo.

War Elephant

Changelog for patch 3

-Dhar staff added
-War elephant added to Araby
-Chariots added to Undivided Chaos
-New scenes for, various castles/towns, many villages etc
-A few new/revamped dungeon rooms
-New special extended dungeon
-New sea-battle scenes
-Drowning in naval battles
-New bandit parties
-Poison-curing service from potion-merchants
-Expanded companion export to include generics
-Added a sell-all-prisoners dialog to tavernkeepers
-Option to sort garrison by level (own faction only)
-Camp menu option to sort player party by level
-A few new magic items
-Doom-diver-throwing trolls added
-New Vampire Counts Skeleton Weapons and Armour

- Improved sounds for bows, undeads and flames/burn
- New sounds for interface, weapon swing

-Lord recruiting was broken. Also now the option only appears when feasible
-Freelancer couldn't promote
-Freelancer needed XP in commander report was inaccurate
-Freelancer on-leave "quest" wasn't clearing
-Key shortcut for take-all-troops wasn't functioning
-One cause of siege-magic crashing fixed
-Chaos companions could start with no/wrong armour
-Sea merchants running against land fixed
-Bretonnia knight helms were invisible
-Joining ongoing sea-battles was using land battle
-Sea battles had no banners on friendly troops
-Sea battles gave no prisoners
-Sea battles were ignoring battle-size in options
-Player armoury and secondary storage were being wiped
-Reinforcements were constantly pestering the player
-Reference material was bugged when troops dodge is negative
-Saurus special shop items were missing
-Closed some gaps in special merchant inventories
-Daemon manifest end-of-battle-crash fixed
-Fixed various bandit lair problems
-Sea-pirates no longer coming onto land
-Flameing weapon cleanup, hopefully fixess some crashes
-Saurus temple blessings didn't cost gold
-Eleanor dungion loot event skill was not working
-Awakening of the woods ddidn't have aoe xp balance
-Change player-kingdom troops gave town npcs wrong equipment
-"Crash-protection" simple scene was broken for siege-tower castles
-Centres were unassigned leaving unlanded lords in early game
-Cloud of corruption manifest bug
-World War mode lizardmen and tomb kings switch bug
-Various mall stegadon howdah bugs, eg dismount
-Bandit lairs no longer visible at start
-Freelancer joining siege defences was broken
-Reduce radius of summons while in sieges/dungeons as it was causing them to spawn in the walls
-Chaos Dwarf banners were bugged
-Vampire lords had missing helmets
-Rescue lord quest was giving 100k extra debt
-Game start corruption chance has been reduced
-Halfhorn raider archery was being raised too high somehow
-Some empire building materials were broken
-Face corruption but should be almost non existant now

-Raise dead spell now works on dwarves and Chaos
-Chances of long distance wars are dramatically reduced
-Set prisoner escape chance back to native 70% (was higher)
-Player's prisoner-management skill gives small bonus to capture chance
-Looting of player and 3 companions added to final dungeon treasure tier roll. -Increasing odds of special treasure
-Reduced odds of lowest tier treasure on difficult+long dungeons
-Dodging enemies play an animation and disrupt their attack
-Orc lore attribute power greatly increased
-Players cannot run through dungeon exit if enemies are nearby
-Araby Corsairs moved to patrols and patrol line added to main tree.
-Sand Wraith gets regenerate and advanced ignore pain in desert field battles.
-All slayers get advanced ignore pain apart from daemon slayers who get master ignore pain. Slayer lords also get master ignore pain.
-Reduced amount of ratling gunners in Dungeons
-Ratling guns made more deadly
-Vassal-player's village to use their subculture when appropriate
-Add lord rep type to notes page
-Inferno/engineer friendly-fire check before shooting
-Freelancer: improve equipment setting explanation
-Freelancer money exploit removed
-More positive variants for fancy axes/hammers, eg masterwork
-Blocked cattle selling if have cattle quest
-Battle-map can now be used after player KO.
-Naptha bomb base weapon damage increased to make them throw more aggressively.
-Runic blunderbuss prices massively increased
-Allow player-kings to lose relation when assigned fiefs, and can't gain
-Increased chance of lords gaining relation when distributing pillaged loot.
-Pillaged castle-town loot now based on prosperity
-Prosperity loss when pillaged changed to -60 like villages
-Relation loss for not sharing pillaged loot only for nearby lords
-Aim tweak for archers shooting at smaller troops made more effective.

Credits for Patch 3


Morgul's Scene list

- Dwarven Abandoned Halls [Event]
- Deadeye Cavern [Dungeon]
- Floatwood [Naval Battle]
- Altdorf (Town, Siege, Prison, Tavern, Arena)
- Weissbruck Village
- Tomb Kings [Dungeon] (Always the first dungeon in Tomb Kings land)
- Mountain Pass [Dungeon] (Always the first dungeon of Badlands)
- Chaos Dwarves Hellforge [Dungeon] (Always the first dungeon in ChaDwa lands)
- High Elven Ancient Courtyard [Dungeon] (Always the first dungeon of High Elves land)
- Great Horn (Town, Siege, Prison, Castle, Tavern, Arena)
- Askreved Arena
- Stormstaad Arena
- Bay of Blades Arena
- Drakenhof Arena
- Couronne Arena
- Putrid Stump Arena
- Camp of Skulls Arena
- Itza Arena
- Waldenhof Arena
- Da Mighty Fist Arena
- Bloodhorn Tavern
- Iron Rock Tavern
- Grom Peak Tavern
- Da Karag Azgal Tavern
- Talabheim Tavern
- Stormstaad Tavern
- Bay of Blades Tavern
- Ka Sabar Tavern
- Naggarond Tavern
- Hexoatl Tavern
- Mousillon Tavern
- Waldenhof Tavern
- Drakenhof Tavern
- Brionne Tavern
- Putrid Stump Tavern
- Karak Hirn Tavern
- Karaz A Karak Tavern
- Tor Yvresse Tavern
- Xianhupec Tavern

- Iron Rock Siege (Complete revamp of the siege, almost a remake)
- Grom Peak Siege (Another almost-remake)
- Dungeon 18 (Fixed geometries where tall creatures couldn't pass)
- Hexoatl (Fixed some minor inconsistencies with props)
- Bloodhorn Town (Fixed incorrect assets, increased geometries for tall creatures)
- Dungeon 30 (Removed out of bounds assets, optimized ai meshes)
- Da Mighty Fist Siege (Revamped ai meshes)
- Vulchaz Castle Siege (Deleted out of bounds ai meshes, then improved all of them)
- Deff Gorge Siege (Deleted out of bounds ai meshes, then improved all of them)
- Crooked Moon Siege (Deleted out of bounds ai meshes, then improved all of them)
- Blacklaw Lair Siege (Same changes as Vulchaz Siege + New props)
- Black Tower Siege (Minor ai meshes fixes)
- Bloodhorn Siege (Deleted out of bounds ai meshes, then improved all of them)
- Karak Eight Peaks Siege (ai meshes fixes)
- Luccini Siege (made it more comfortable to fight the initial section + improved ai meshes)
- Da Mighty Fist Tavern (small fixes of misplaced props, removed the ugly entrance door)
- Waldenhof Castle (not a fix, just improved the look making it vampiric)
- Drakenhof Siege and Town (placed black fog, improved ai meshes, revamped textures)
- Waldenhof Town and Siege (Same changes as Drakenhof Siege and Town)

- Dungeon 23
- Dungeon 25
- Dungeon 26
- Dungeon 27
- Dungeon 28
- Dungeon 29
- Altdorf Castle Interior


Dajimo's Scene List

-tor anlec city center and walls

- karond kar city center,walls and tavern modified scene -

tor yvresse city center and wall

- hexoalt city center and walls modified scene

- citadel of ambalore High elves castle

- athel atar high elves castle

-improvement scene of bechafen

- improvement scene of brione

-modified scenes castles of funeral kings

- empire castles modified scenes

-villages of dark elves, high elves, orcs, night goblins, wood elves, bretonnia, chaos, chaos dwarfs, undead pirates, lizardmen empire, beastmen, skaven underworld, sylvania and empire of sigmar

  1. 4:25 PM
    3 Bretonnian castles improved scenes

Profy for osp scenes
Suspicious_Man for osp scenes

ryan jeter for some chariot yoke parts
diceyjune for undead armours, shields, props and doom diver model
Federico.Villani for Elephant model/textures

Credits for first 2 patches for Southlands (included)

Menu artwork:

kraggrim coding:
-Stegadon Howdah system
-Ratling-gun autofire
-Daemon Manifestation

OSP scenes (adapted and converted by kraggrim):
-Dragos & Power of Design
-The Bowman
-Michael Han

Bay of Blades

Halkild Castle
Fjord's Edge
Selthis Lyst
Dragon Tooth Castle
Dark Shrine
Lair of Cruelty

-Villages for Dark/Wood/High Elves, Beastmen, Orcs, Goblins, Tomb Kings, chaos, undead pirates, lizardmen
-2 x Dark elf and high elf castles
-Adapted OSP kizlev + araby castles by Dxaero

-scene resources

Hope you enjoy the new upload.

Nameless Warrior


This is AWESOME!!!!!

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amazing work

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This mod is a legend! Congratz.

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As one old man said - HORYSHIIIIIIIIIIIT. You guys never cease to impress.

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Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you

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You guys rock thanks so much for making a supporting this mod for all these years!

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The best mod for warband

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The "honor" of the character does not increase.

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Problems here:

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