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In today's showcase we present the majority of the Heavy Wardens animations. We presented a part of them last time but now we polished them even more and added interesting new ones.

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Hello followers,

There has been a while since we showcased out new animation for the basic units. While the focus was shifted for a time on other areas of the mod, we can proudly say now that we managed to finish up the animations for the Heavy Wardens.


Heavy Armor Wardens Part II

Continuing the discussion we had in the previous article, I was always fascinated with how spear and shield units would act in combat and units using them rapidly became one of the favorite to have them visually represented in a RTS. That came to say, I was pretty disappointed with the lack of attention for this combo in BFME. Moreover, the Hobbit movies have given a certain style to the elves of Mirkwood winch fight this way, so I took it as an opportunity to enhance the mod with new animations.

Also, since our last preview of the animations we have new polished models. Below you can enjoy a short video of the new animations in game.

For those who are into details, like me, below you have a short reel of most of the new animations made for the mod. Animations by NewErr, rendering by Ulo.

This animation makeover has been carried over even for the Palace Guard who use almost the same animation set.

throne guardsPalace Guards protecting the Throne of the King.

Specific animations were also made for buildings so the Mirkwood faction can feel as alive as possible.

palace top scoutA Warden scouting the surroundings of the palace.

Unsure where all of this fits or who are these units? Check our Mirkwood faction plan!

I hope you enjoy this sneak-peek into our new faction. This is all for now but more news about Mirkwood will come in the coming weeks. You can share your thoughts in our discord channel you can find the link on the main moddb page or at the bottom of this article. Also, we share there bonus stuff in the #sneak-peek channel for the very curious ones.

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NewErr and the Wars of the Firstborn team

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