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Quarter Onion Games is proud to announce the launch of the Warkeep demo!

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Quarter Onion Games is proud to announce the launch of the Warkeep demo! This launch has been a long time coming, and we hope everyone will enjoy a sneak peak at what we have in store. So without further adieu: Demo

Warkeep Demo


So what exactly is Warkeep?

Warkeep is a healthy mix of tile-matching puzzle elements to build a defensible keep, and a side scrolling tower defense game to see it destroyed (we're kidding, hopefully you can defeat the enemies and its not destroyed). You use tile-matching in order to build up the keep by combining random block pieces, rooms, and towers to enclose the Keep Core (shown as doors ingame). From there, waves of enemies with one focus in mind (a pile of rubble) stream from both sides of the screen. Rooms will spawn friendly units which will passively engage these enemies, while the towers will rain terror down on the enemy.

Warkeep can be played multiple ways. At its core is the tower defense elements where your focus is to keep the enemies away from damaging the keep core (the lose condition). As enemies are killed, you will gain gold which can be spent to upgrade the overall keep (provides better defenses), the rooms (better defenses and unit), and the towers (better unit). You also have your trusty hero which can be sent out to fight for you with controls reminiscent of an RTS game, and a handful of activity abilities if you want to get your hands dirty.


- Android: Download from the Google Play Store and it will handle the rest.
- Windows: Just unzip the folder to some location and run the WarkeepDemo.exe file. Piece of cake.

How To Play

To make it even easier, we have incorporated the how to play into an option in the main menu. It details everything about the demo in....detail. And if that wasn't enough, we have simple tutorial windows at the start of each phase of the game.

Known Issues

- All: Restarting the game via menu is occasionally causing the camera panning to fail. Problem is being researched.
- Android: On some devices, there is a 2-10 seconds black screen after the "Made in Unity" logo. This is due to loading, and we'll be tweaking this in the future. It is expected behavior for now.
- Android: On some devices, the flag in World Map will not be positioned over the first town. It still can be tapped to open the demo level.


With the demo launch, we would like to invite everyone that enjoys the demo and wants to see more to become our patrons through Patreon ( We've put many long hours into Warkeep to get this to a state that we felt happy with in this demo, but there are many more long hours in the future. Particularly, we have had to use placeholder art in this demo which has hit its limit in allowing us to complete the envisioned story campaign as well as other features we have planned. Our goal is to be able to bring in an artist or two to allow us to really flesh out Warkeep as well as the other 2 games mentioned above (more to come on that soon).

Our patrons will have access to a special Discord channel where you can speak directly to the development team about whatever tickles your fancy. While we always keep are channels open for everyone as best as we can, we also need to juggle time for development, so we'd make extra special care to be able to respond in the patron channel asap. We are also providing access to the latest builds of all our games, and the potential to get all of our games (and all extra content we think up for them) forever. Awesome, right? (We hope, at least. Let us know, in the patron Discord channel.)

We hope everyone enjoys the demo, and please let us know of any critiques or issues you may have about it. Whether its on our Discord server, through our forums, or via email, we will get back to you asap!

- Quarter Onion Games

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