Quarter Onion Games is an indie game studio focused on breaking the barriers between both genres and platforms. This will be accomplished through addictive and fun games combined with platforms that preserve the single player charm while allowing the community to come together and accomplish larger goals within the connected games. Our target platforms will initially be mobile and PC, with expansion into console when the games best supports it.

Our first game will be Warkeep, a side scrolling tower defense game that combines elements of tile-matching puzzle solving to build a keep with the traditional flair of a top down tower defense game. Two other projects are in conceptual stages that will build off of Warkeep and provide the framework for interaction between all 3 games in exciting new ways.

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Emberlight is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that incorporates absorbing enemy abilities in a race against their corruption. Explore procedurally generated...



Tower Defense

Warkeep is a side scrolling tower defense game that combines elements of tile-matching puzzle solving to build a keep with the traditional flair of a...

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The dungeon party is preparing to attack the elf warrior in Emberlight as the battle begins. #gamedev #indiedevT.co

1hour ago

The dungeon party just discovered the treasure room in Emberlight. #gamedev #indiedev #indiegames #indiewatchT.co

17hours ago

The Smoke-Shrouded is releasing an attack on the elf mage in Emberlight. #gamedev #indiegames #indiedevT.co

21hours ago

The Blaze Knight is fending of an attack from the wolf in Emberlight. Emberlight.com #gamedev #indiegamesT.co

Feb 14 2019

Watch the party defeat the Treant mini-boss in Emberlight. #gamedev #indiegames #indiegamedev #indiewatchT.co

Feb 14 2019

Watch this quick clip of the Pyromancer killing the Elf Mage in Emberlight. #gamedev #indiegames #indiedevT.co

Feb 14 2019

Here is our current version of the main menu in Emberlight. Still a work in progress as we move closer to release.… T.co

Feb 13 2019

Time for your pyromancer to kill the last enemy standing in Emberlight. #gamedev #indiegames #indiewatch #IndieDevT.co

Feb 12 2019

Want to learn more about Emberlight? Join us on Discord at Discord.gg . #Discord #indiegamesT.co

Feb 11 2019

Entering the dungeon to prepare for battle in Emberlight. #gamedev #indiewatch #indiedevhour #indiegames T.co

Feb 11 2019

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