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New cameo news (for people who are not in discord)

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I'm creating new content, but I'm taking too long for various real-life reasons, not out of sheer laziness.

At a certain point, I began to add the first faction of the WH40K universe, the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum), from Dawn of War, however, nothing else was added regarding this beloved universe, until well, my passion for that world came back
Fixing imperial guard flaws, lack of units and other changes.
Then continue with the orcs, the development of these is very fun, they are one of my favorite factions, right now it is totally complete to play.

Finally this Update ends at the time of ending the Space Marines and Chaos, these factions being very similar.

Currently my development is oriented to complete the Space Marines, it is in a state of approximately 40%, having almost all its vehicles, a handful of infantry and the basic buildings in functional state.

Currently, it is being debated whether to add squads like in the original DOW 1, but there are several bugs with these squads.



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Is RA1 Japan faction is complete? And more bug and error complication?.

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Elpollo315 Author

Japan is still incomplete, only bugs have been solved, in the future it may add sub factions, although do not expect something very futuristic, for that you will have to wait for the RA2 Expansion or RA3 in Cameo

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