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This is the release of the new Warfront 3.02 Patch/Mappack.

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Warfront 3.02 Patch/Mappack

Thought I'd make everyone's weekend a little funner...I give you the 3.02 Patch, with 5 new maps :)

First up, The Battle of Ortona...

ScreenShot0 8

This map comes to the 'Front by way of the FH Fan Mappack #4. I don't know who the original author is, but I give whomever made this map much credit, it's a great one :) I have added AI to it, and the bots really fight hard for the church...I actually haven't made it past them to the city yet! Fitting, really, considering that the men that fought this battle called it the Italian Stalingrad.

Up next, Operation U-Go, in Burma...

ScreenShot3 7

This was a last ditch effort by the Japanese to push the Allies out of Burma. It's based on the map "Burma" from the FH Fan Mappack #4, but again, no author was listed. I have added AI to this map as well, and it plays very well.

ScreenShot2 11

I have also fixed the issue with the Single Player version of the Ho-Ni, so you can enjoy it on this map as well as a few others.

Next, we have the Battle at Chartres...

ScreenShot8 2

This battle was fought in August of '44, around the city of Chartres, France. It gained noteriety because of the actions of US Colonel Welborn Barton Griffith, Jr.

ScreenShot10 2

After receiving orders to destroy the cathedral in Chartres, he questioned this order, and ultimately refused to carry it out. He volunteered to go behind enemy lines to find out whether the Germans were using it as an observation post. Griffith went to the cathedral and, after searching it, confirmed that it was empty. The order to destroy the cathedral was withdrawn.

I have added AI to this map as well, and it plays decent. Some games are pitched, and some are not. It could definitely use a makeover by an AI wizard :)

Next up, the Battle of Santa Cruz...

This map was in a previous release but was removed so I could work on the AI. It's back, and it plays pretty decent. The island battles aren't the greatest, but the air battles are pitched and full of non-stop action, so enjoy :)

And last, the defense of Trois-Ponts...

ScreenShot5 5

This map comes to us from knoffhoff, who originally made it for the FH mod (credit to him for an excellent map). I have converted it to Warfront, and in doing so bring 2 new vehicles to the mod.

The GMC CCKW was a 2½-ton 6x6 cargo truck that saw heavy service in WWII. The original "Deuce and a Half", it formed the backbone of the famed Red Ball Express that kept the Allied armies supplied as they pushed eastward after the Normandy invasion.

ScreenShot11 1

Also making it's debut on the 'Front is the M2A1 105mm Howitzer. It was the standard U.S. light field howitzer during WWII, and it quickly gained a reputation for accuracy and a powerful punch. This gun is also found on several vehicles in the game, such as the Priest and the M4A3(105).

The patch changelog is as follows:

WarFront v3.02 Mappack/Patch Changelog (Mappack/Patch 3.02)
This patch includes the contents of the previous 3.01 Patch.
It is an essential patch, needed for Warfront to run correctly.

Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract. Overwrite when prompted.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed coding bug with Ho-Ni single player hull
Fixed position of Ho-Ni single player driver/gunner camera
Fixed alpha settings on all vehicle windshields (can see trees now, from any player position)
Fixed spawn issue on Prokhorovka with single player artillery spawn
Fixed missing PIAT kit texture
Fixed resupply on all carriers (were not reloading planes)
Fixed sub resupply on all battleships (were not reloading subs)
Re-assigned matIds to several errant collisions to match the damage system
Added missing collisions to several meshes
Fixed front left wheel position on Katyusha
Fixed track position on M10
Fixed track position on M36
Fixed M4A2(105) gunbase position
Fixed M4A3(105) gunbase position
Fixed bad collision mesh (COL01) on the Matilda turret
Fixed bad debris toss effects on several AA/AT Guns

General Changes:
Re-modeled and re-exported KV hull mesh LODs (for smoother LOD transitions)
Re-modeled M3A1 wreck mesh
Added new Tiger I wreck mesh
Added new M4A1 wreck mesh
Added GMC CCKW to mod
Added 105mm Howitzer to mod
Removed Level Bomber Spawners from Santa_Croce (not enough room for bots to take off without crashing)
Removed Ki-45 from mod (temporarily)
Updated 37mm trail effect

Patched Files:

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Battle_for_ortona (conversion of a map from FH Fan Mappack #4, AI by takiwa)
Burma (conversion of the a map from an unknown author)
Chartres (conversion of a map by Civius, AI by takiwa)
Trois_Ponts (conversion of a map by knoffhoff)
Santa_Cruz (was removed in an earlier release)

Hope y'all enjoy it!



Thanks for the patch, but do you mean, we use this only, or we add this to 3.01 and overwrite the files?

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bf_takiwa Author

This ia a patch, not a full release.

You need Warfront 3.0 first, then this 3.02 patch.

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I see, so if someone hasn't used 3.01 he can use this directly on the main release?

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bf_takiwa Author

"This patch includes the contents of the previous 3.01 Patch."

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Thank you ^_^

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Excellent as ever. Love the Trois-Ponts maps from FH as that is a really atmospheric map. The AI does seem better as well so your work on that is noticeable.

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bf_takiwa Author

Thank you :)

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