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A small update on the 3.3 Patch for the Warfront mod!

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Warfront 3.3 Patch Update

I'm back again with an update on the progress of Patch 3.3...there are several new goodies in this one, along with some substantial bug fixes, so let's get right to it!

First up, the Polikarpov I-16

i16 1

When the Germans invaded Russia in 1941, this little plane made up around one third of the available planes in the VVS. It was slower and lacked the armament to compete with the BF109, and many were destroyed on the ground. In Warfront, it will spawn with four 7.62mm machine guns, and a random loadout of either four 50lb bombs, two 250lb bombs, or six RS-82 rockets. The model comes to the 'Front from the defunct BGF mod of BF2, with major mesh changes and a new paintjob by yours truly.

Next up, the LCT (Landing Craft, Tank)



The LCT Mk. 5, or Landing Craft, Tank, was used from 1942-1944 to facilitate landing tanks and other armored vehicles on the beaches with American and British soldiers. It saw action in Europe and in the Pacific, and was a valuable asset for the men storming the beaches...especially when the tanks were equipped with deep wading snorkels, which allowed them to disembark in the water, short of the beach.

And lastly, the AA Machine Cannon Carrier Truck

aatruck 1

aatruck 2

They Type 94 Isuzu was a workhorse for the Japanese, and was converted in a number of ways to suit the war effort. One such conversion was as the AA Machine Cannon Carrier Truck. Fitted with a single 20mm cannon in the bed, it allowed the Japanese a mobile AA platform in a rugged, proven vehicle, against the onslaught of Allied planes.


Bug Fixes:
Fixed K98 Rifle Grenade projectile damage (added missing splash damage value)
Fixed incorrect blade projectile matId
Tweaked AI code for APC/Trucks
Fixed 2 objectspawn names on Battle of Britain
Removed crosshair icons from Washington, Yamato
Fixed alpha setting on Sturmovik rear gun sight
Fixed seat position & hand positions on 25 pounder (Battery)
Fixed top MG ammo icon on M3 Lee
Fixed missing vehicle icon on M3 Stuart
Fixed weapons icons on FW 190 F Trop
Fixed shared texture issue with FW190 F
Fixed Grenade material1 collision issue with WF armor matIds

General Changes:
Added explosion/toss effects to all AT guns
Added new sounds for 20mm & 30mm cannons
Increased the damage effect hit points for all aircraft
Increased damage from 37mm M1939 (61-K) AA gun
Added Polikarpov I-16 to mod
Added FuMG Radar Bunker to mod
Added Hafthohlladung to mod
Added Hafthohlladung crate to mod
Created Haftholladung class (German_AT_Haft)
Added AA Machine Cannon Carrier Truck to mod
Added deep wading snorkels to mod (on M4A3(75)W, M4A3(76)W, M4A3(105))
Added LCT to mod (can carry up to 3 vehicles)

Until next time...




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It becomes pleasure to follow advancing of this mod, every new release is exciting...good job!

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Thank you bf takiwa, very cool!

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como baixa ?

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