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Japan shows off it's new anti-tank weapons in patch 3.2.

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Warfront 3.2 Patch Update

type4 type99

Today I want to show you the new anit-tank weapons the Japanese will receive in the 3.2 patch.

First up, the Type 4 7 cm Rocket Launcher:

The Type 4 7 cm Rocket Launcher was a Japanese rocket launcher used from 1944 until the end of the war. It is comparable to the German Panzerschreck and the American Bazooka. It fired a 7 cm HEAT rocket which could penetrate 80mm of armor...not as effective as its American and German counterparts, but still good enough to penetrate a Sherman tank.

Ath the moment this weapon uses the Bazooka animation, so the reload animation is off, but it is still in game and the Japanese bots love it!


Next up, the Type 99 Magnetic Mine:

The Type 99 mine was developed in 1939, and served throughout the war. It utilized magnets which allowed the mine to be attached to tanks and other metal objects. The fuse had a time delay, which enabled it to be used as an anti-tank hand grenade, or as a demolition charge. The mine detonated after a five to ten seconds, giving enough time for it to be thrown.

Yes, this mine does stick to vertical surfaces. One drawback of the sticky code, however, is that the mine will stick to ANY vertical surface...trees, building, tanks, etc (but NOT to player meshes). For overall gameplay, though, I consider this an acceptable drawback.


As far a a changelog for 3.2, it's rather short this time. I have only had 2 issues reported to me from the 3.1 release, and I have fixed both of those. I have started working on a few maps, so 3.2 should have some good content for y'all :)

Bug Fixes:
Added missing vehicles to land repair buildings:
--- GMC, M3 Lee, Grille (SP), Hummel (SP), JagdPanther, Stug 3B, Stug 3G Early, Stug 3G Late, StuH 42
Fixed sound loop issue with M3 Lee cupola gun

Until the next update, y'all stay safe out there!


Apollon007 - - 84 comments

Hyped! Do you have any release date for the 3.2 patch?

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bf_takiwa Author
bf_takiwa - - 333 comments

Not at the moment...I am working on a couple of maps, as well as some more content. Shouldn't be more than a month or so, though :)

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