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There a re a couple of new tanks on the 'Front, as well as news about the next release.

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Warfront 3.1 Update

Today, I present to you the latest additions to the 'Front, as well as some news on the upcoming release.

I will start by welcoming the Sd.Kfz. 173, better known as the Jagdpanther ("hunting panther"), to the battlefield.


In 1944, with the war turning against the Germans, defensive guns were needed more than assault tanks. The Sd. Kfz. 173 was one answer for the advancing Allied troops. The Jagdpanther combined the 8.8 cm KwK 43 cannon of the Tiger II with the armor and suspension of the Panther chassis.


It was a very lethal match of good mobility and armor with a devastating gun platform. If you play the Allies, beware a frontal attack against these monsters. Given that this is a turretless tank, it's much better to attack from the side, where the armor is thinner and the driver has no view.

Next up, the Sd. Kfz 138/1, commonly called the Grille ("cricket" in English).


The Grille was based on the Czech Panzer 38(t) tank chassis and used a 15 cm sIG 33 howitzer as it's main gun for infantry support.


This gives Germany a very mobile, large caliber infantry gun that can be rapidly moved anywhere on the battlefield for excellent artillery support. It suffers from thin armor, however, so care should be shown when operating it to stay away from the main battle front.


Like all other SPG's in the mod, it comes in both the 2 man multi-player and 1 man single-player versions.

Below is the current changelog for version 3.1. This version will be a full install version, not a patch. I made several changes to maps and files to fix problems concerning Campaign mode and server play, and these will not overwrite existing files. You will be required to delete you current Warfront directory from your Mods folder before extracting this version.

WarFront v3.1 Changelog

Delete any previous version of Warfront from your Mods directory.
Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed missing Ju88 vehicle icon
Fixed issue with vehicle-mounted Bren not firing (missing projectile)
Fixed missing reload sounds for handheld MG34
Fixed missing reload sounds for handheld MG42
Fixed control point/spawn issue on Santa_Cruz
Fixed ammobox missing explosives/landmines reload code
Fixed issue with A6M2 collision
Fixed issue with AA_Allies/Bofors collision
Fixed effects on 75mm M2/M3 projectile (was showing explosion with no penetration)
Fixed effects on 8,8cm KwK 36 projectile (was showing explosion with no penetration)
Fixed F6F-3 spawn position on Enterprise (was clipping through flight deck)
Fixed collision mesh issue with Gato hull
Fixed collision mesh issue with SubVII hull
Fixed path to I176 hull mesh
Fixed path to SC50 bomb texture
Fixed issue with Wake Island not loading in Campaign Mode
Fixed issue with Merderet sp/coop map crash
Fixed issue with Monte Cassino sp/coop map crash
Fixed missing Panther gun sound
Fixed bad matId on Tiger II lower glacis collision
Fixed issue with bouncing tanks on Remagen bridge mesh
Fixed missing Priest top mg AI code

General Changes:
Re-designed class menu with new class graphics
Adjusted ammobox reload times for all types of ammo
Removed CrewRepairPack from armored vehicles (temporary, due to incomplete/buggy code)
Added M3 Machine Gun to mod
Changed file structure of several maps (for Campaign mode and server testing)
Increased 75mm M2 penetration by 5mm (70mm to 75mm)
Increased 75mm M3 penetration by 10mm (70mm to 80mm)
Changed 75mm KwK 37 projectile type from High Explosive to Armor Piercing
Increased 75mm KwK 37 penetration by 10mm (50mm to 60mm)
Remodeled M3 GMC
Remodeled M3 Grant
Added StuG III Ausf. B to mod
Remodeled StuG III Ausf. G (split into early/mid and late models)
Added side skirt mesh for StuG III Ausf. G (random for early/mid models, permanent on late models)
Remodeled Panzer II wreck & LOD meshes
Added M3 Lee to mod
Added StuH 42 to mod
Added Ferdinand to mod
Added JagdPanther to mod
Added Sd.Kfz. 138/1 "Grille" to mod

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
None this time, guys & gals...I'm working on some now, though, so the next patch should have a few ;)

I'm testing everything now, and hope to have this ready for release within 2 weeks. Until then, stay safe and God bless :)




Thank you so much~

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