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The release of version 3.1 of Warfront is upon us!

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WarFront v3.1




DELETE any previous version of Warfront from your Mods directory.

If you install this over an existing Warfront installation, the mod WILL NOT WORK.

Place this .rar file in your Mods directory, and extract.





Bug Fixes:
Fixed missing Ju88 vehicle icon
Fixed issue with vehicle-mounted Bren not firing (missing projectile)
Fixed missing reload sounds for handheld MG34
Fixed missing reload sounds for handheld MG42
Fixed control point/spawn issue on Santa_Cruz
Fixed ammobox missing explosives/landmines reload code
Fixed issue with A6M2 collision
Fixed issue with AA_Allies/Bofors collision
Fixed effects on several AP projectiles (were showing explosion with no penetration)
Fixed F6F-3 spawn position on Enterprise (was clipping through flight deck)
Fixed collision mesh issue with Gato hull
Fixed collision mesh issue with SubVII hull
Fixed path to I176 hull mesh
Fixed path to SC50 bomb texture
Fixed issue with Wake Island not loading in Campaign Mode
Fixed issue with Merderet sp/coop map crash
Fixed issue with Monte Cassino sp/coop map crash
Fixed missing Panther gun sound
Fixed bad matId on Tiger II lower glacis collision
Fixed issue with bouncing tanks on Remagen bridge mesh
Fixed missing Priest top mg AI code
Fixed missing Matilda II commander AI code
Fixed Gewehr 43 animation

General Changes:
Re-designed class menu with new class graphics
Changed file structure of several maps (for running in Campaign mode and for server testing)
Adjusted ammobox reload times for all types of ammo
Removed CrewRepairPack from armored vehicles (temporarily, due to incomplete/buggy code)
Adjusted Panther turret position
Adjusted Hummel gunner seat position
Adjusted Nebelwerfer gunner seat position
Added jet flame effect to Me262 engines
Added Binoculars to Waffen SS Sniper class
Increased 75mm M2 penetration by 5mm (70mm to 75mm)
Increased 75mm M3 penetration by 10mm (70mm to 80mm)
Changed 75mm KwK 37 projectile type from High Explosive to Armor Piercing
Increased 75mm KwK 37 penetration by 10mm (50mm to 60mm)
Remodeled M3 GMC
Remodeled M3 Grant
Added M3 Machine Gun to mod
Added StuG III Ausf. B to mod (BGF)
Remodeled StuG III Ausf. G (split into early/mid & late models)
Added side skirt mesh for StuG III Ausf. G (random for early/mid models, permanent on late models)
Remodeled Panzer II wreck & LOD meshes
Added M3 Lee to mod
Added StuH 42 to mod
Added Ferdinand to mod
Added JagdPanther to mod
Added Sd.Kfz. 138/1 ("Grille") to mod
Added LVT-4 ("Water Buffalo") to mod
Added 105mm Battery (4 guns) to mod
Added 25pdr Battery (4 guns) to mod
Added ZiS-3 Battery (4 guns) to mod
Added Schwere Wurfgerat 41 to mod
Added Type 88 Battery (4 guns) to mod
---> Mulit-player version, "W" fires AA rounds (anti-aircraft), "S" fires HE rounds (artillery)
---> Single-player version fires AA rounds (anti-aircraft) only
Changed ammo type of Type 88 gun to HE only (single-player and multi-player)

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
None this time around, but I will have several for the next patch/release


Holy crap man you sure have been busy! Nice update!

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bf_takiwa Author

thanks :)

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awsome, looking foward to play!

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Wonderful as ever! :)

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Wahh! D: Merderet and Monte Cassino are still game-crashers.
But I think it's my system and not the maps. :(

I really wanted to see how you did Monte Cassino too.

There is also an issue when shooting Churchill and Matilda on desert maps. There is explosion but no hit marker? Is it because I hit a hardpoint?

Tanks no longer fly on Ludendorff though!~

Thanks so much for this mod! ^-^

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-Melee weapons seem to do no damage?
-Repair pads don't repair vehicles?
-Which map can I find the Ferdinand and Cricket on?

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melee weapons are doing 0.1% of dmg per stab and bots are stupid

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btw great work :)

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