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If you want to play the game. Go ahead and grab it here. But make sure to donate to us! We could use the money to continue development of the game.

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Howdy everyone!
I am going to do something crazy here. I am just gonna post up the game. Please feel free to download it and test it for yourself if you want. Here are the download links. :)

You will need to download each part files. From 1 to 5 then open part1 and extract the files from there. If you have any problems let me know. I will post up a patch soon cause I know there will be bugs.

Now why am I doing this? Because I want to see what the community thinks of the game.
I have been working on this game for many years now. About 9 years. And have realised that hardly anyone has tried the game at all. So I am just going to post it. If you like it. Please feel free to donate to the project.

You can do so here.

(Click to the right side of the video. Sense this system will not let me post a direct link to donate.)

If you would like to help with the project. Either by helping with code, modeling, or testing/modifying and balancing the game. Feel free to let me know. Either by PM or e-mail me at

Either way please enjoy the game. I will post up a patch for it very soon. But please go ahead and try it. Alot of features are already here. And you can test to your heart's content. Or even modify the game. Everything is there except the game's source code. Which depending on if we get alot of donations for doing this we might make public too. So if you want to mod the game even farther. And or just like the game in general. Please donate. It will really help us in the development of the game.

Thank you.
Night Hawk

UPDATE: Here is the first patch for the game. This fixes some small bugs. And gets the tanks working again. It also adds a roads creator mod to the game as well. It also stablises the game and makes it load a small bit faster. Here is the link.

Make sure you go into the rar file. You will see a folder called bin. Extract the contents of the Bin folder inside the rar file. Into the AssaultKnights3.2.085\Project\Bin directory. Overwriting everything. It is better to just copy the contents in the Bin directory inside the rar itself. And move them into the
AssaultKnights3.2.085\Project\Bin directory itself. Overwriting everything. Also make sure you DON'T add bin into bin. Because the patch will not work. If you do. It will look like this.

AssaultKnights3.2.085\Project\Bin\Bin if you do that you messed up. And the patch will not work correctly.

Either way please let me know what you think. And I hope that you all will enjoy the game.


This is the list of maps that are best to be able to try.

First and formost is MosshillSpikes. It is one of our most well made maps.
2nd is the NewAvalon maps.
3rd is VwolfCity
4th map is BrimstoneRise.
5th and 6th maps is the Alien Moon maps. Though they don't really have much on them.
7th BlackForest
8th Brawler Arena
9th Dark Moon
10th Dead Kick
11th Crosswind Desert
12th Incin Test map (If you want to test all the units they are all on that map.)
13th Crader Forest
14th DeathCanyon
15th Dunes (This map is really laggy for some reason. Not sure why. But is still playable.)
16th Shooting Range
17th Shooting Range Fortress
18th Trenches
19th Lunar Rock
20th Nambi Desert
21st Mech Testing Grounds (Map might be buggy but is still playable.)
22nd Rage Moon (I love this map myself.)
23rd Round Moon
24th Great Divide (Almost forgot this one. Was one of the first maps ever made for AK And one of my Favorites.)

These are some of the best maps I have. Though a few of them are not complete yet. But they are still fun and highly playable.
Also there is some with in the names. This means that they will have maps with AI on them that you can fight. You will just have to test to see
which ones works good. As I can't remember. But this list should be good enough for now. The other maps I will be fixing and redoing at a later time. But these are pretty playable right now. And should give yall some fun testing them.



We currently got multiplayer working again. You can now connect to the Dedicated server. And play as a client. We have not tried to connect two people yet. But we will try to soon. Also if you tried the game and like it. Please donate to it! I am currently trying to raise enough money to buy a cockpit pack from 3DRT.

As well as some new mechs from the site as well!

Along with a mech from Dexsoft too.

I also want this model for the Omni side of the game characters.

If you donate I will hopefully be able to purchase these models and add them to the game.
It just means new content for everyone and can help make our game much better.
So if you would like to help with the development of the game. Please donate it can help us alot.

The donation link is on the right side. That says In the Description area. For some strange reason Moddb wont let me post the direct link to the paypal site.


Ok yall I got a new patch for the game. This patch has the multiplayer working. As well as the new cockpits.

You need to place the files into the bin directory. Overwriting everything in the directory. Copy and paste from the zip into the bin directory.
It should allow you now to be able to connect through the dedicated server. Also you will need to open the port 56565 in your router if you want to connect
to other people.

I will be making a full map patch later on too, to make sure all the files are in sinc. But yall can check out the new cockpits. Let me know what yall think.


This is a progress update for the game. We currently have some new things being implimented into the game as of now. One thing being a helper Arrow that you can use in first/3rd person mode that is toggleable on and off with the back slash key (\) this will help you to let you know which direction your feet are facing in first person mode, as well as 3rd.

But the biggest news is that we almost have the Reimplimentation of the unit buy window and the Techlab customise window working again!!! Along with the SQL stuff taken out of the game. So now when you buy units and stuff it will have it where it is using a internal config file now. Instead of the SQL database. (Meaning you will no longer have to sign in or anything or make a username or password to be able to buy units and customise them.) The Techlab Buy window and Customise window will be in the main menu now.

Also the Next update will be a full download like above. And probably 1 patch after I give out the links. I am planning on releaseing the full download again around christmas if we have everything implimented by then. I will surely have the full game downloadable by christmas (Already got it uploaded.) But we want to make sure the Customise unit window,and the Unit buy window along with the spawning of the units on the maps in singleplayer and multiplayer are working before I release the download files. But if you do want to try it before we post up the links in here you can PM me here. And I will gladly send the download links to you.

Also as you seen in the pics. You will get a new vehicle as well and new Cockpit models for all the mechs. (Just the mechs so far. I will be adding them to the other units as soon as I can make more. and get them implimented.) Anyway I just wanted to post some news about the game. Incin is doing a great job getting the stuff reimplimented into the game. And we are working dayly on the game again. To make it really fun. I hope you guys enjoy the next version when I post it up.

We have gotten the spawning of units working again. As well as the unit buying system and TECHLAB!!! Woot. The techlab and spawning of units has been a huge thing in the game. That has been broken for many years now. We finally got it working and I am personally proud of Incin for getting it all working again. He worked his butt off for the last week getting it up and running again. And has been and wonderful asset to the team for a few years now.

I am going to post a new video each day until christmas day showing off the spawning of units. As well as new features added to the game. We are currently working around the clock together to bring you guys these new updates. And on christmas day I will upload the new version of the game as well as any patches you will definately need for the game. So you all can check it out yourself.

Please feel free to watch our new videos dayly. Until the 25th of the month. When we release the game once more with our new and improved updates!

Also be sure to check all our new videos I will be posting here.

Thank you so much.

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If any one downloads the game and has any problems or just wants to talk about it, please feel free to leave a comment here.


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