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Hello internets! (Early note: This article contains humor, and insanity.)

It's been a while since we made an update, and with the return of school/college/uni coming up, it's also a hectic time filled with irrational last minute decisions and panic! But fear not, it'll all settle down soon and everything will be breezing by.
We're making some progress but not much due to the reasons above and we may have had some procrastination along the way due to games (mostly Minecraft and Killing Floor) .. don't judge us!

Now, as the title of this article says, I'm bringing good news! Well .. I hope it counts as good news. After many beatings, lashings, threats and a hefty amount of cheese, GeneralBert has been forced to take up 3D modelling as if he doesn't he'll have no career and at Seventh Wave we refuse to emply people to bring us tea unless they have one skill we can use occasionally, if we don't need tea, which is never... Anyway, GB will now be spending many hours of his life learning how to 3D model and will be providing me with many of the games models, so hopefully we'll get some good stuff done in the coming weeks! I've even thrown a training DVD at him (he doesn't know this yet though.) so he'll be learning in no time >:D
Please give him motivation!*

Also, our launcher for the game which I'm coding myself, as you may have seen in the most recent screenshot is coming along nicely, disregarding the fact that for some reason whenever I attempt to log into an FTP server the application kills itself and there being no simple way in C++ to extract a zip archive without first referencing the first 76 digits of pi backwards while hanging upside down from a blazing tree.
It'll be ready for the release though, I'm still debating how to check for updates though, because using a version.txt file makes it easy for people to bypass updates, however MD5 checking the files takes longer and more time. I'm probably missing some easy method here but still...

I'm going to stop typing now before something gets out of hand, remember to give GB motivation to do some 3D models!*


*By motivation I mean threats, they work better.

Disclaimer: We don't actually beat or harm GB, much. He's silly enough to end up hurting himself when we give him toothpicks. :)

Metal_Invader - - 809 comments


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ZPower - - 180 comments

Hahahaha, don't treat GB too badly now, all your models depend on him. :P

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MonZombo - - 131 comments

all your model are belong to GB

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generalbert - - 66 comments

Damn right :P

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MrFoxx Author
MrFoxx - - 78 comments

I have to fill him with cheese before he works, like some sort of cheese burning power station.

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catman_94 - - 337 comments

this news post amused me greatly :D

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