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This article focuses on features of Vanilla Stalker Overhaul.

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Video preview:

Here is a quite long unscripted video of me playing the game with mod.

Features, changes, etc:

All praise the wall of text!

  • The most important change - L E S S - R A I N - As the atmosfear in autumn aurora 2 is configured to change XR3DA.exe to rain.exe i have brought up the original config file that aa2 weather was based on. It means it will not be so overwhelmingly rainy anymore.
  • Option to choose files for higher FOV and grass render distance (AA2)
  • Some item descriptions were changed by me.
  • Corrected AA2's Agroprom location minimap.
  • Full original Russian dubbing with english subtitles and closed captions.
  • Attaching suppressor no longer makes your weapon a bb gun.
  • Player armor ui icon fix - Armor icons have been fixed and no longer overlap each other in inventory menu.
  • Attention to sounds - i have modified many weapon sounds or replaced them, additionally disabled some annoying ambient sounds.
  • Unused weapons have been reimplemented to traders:
    Sidorovich: Toz-34 (After killing bandits at car park and talking to Wolf afterwards)
    Barman: Toz-34, hpsa (always)
    Skinflint: Storming sig550, SVD farshooter (low chance after Pavlik quest)
    Petrenko: Beretta (always)
    - "Always" means there is no quest requirement for trader to have the item in stock, that means the weapon has a chance of being sold by trader.
  • Mod for consumables was rebalanced by me, medkits are not that strong any more in terms of health restoring compared to vanilla values, but also are not so weak to barely restore health as it is originally in the mod, additionally food will restore health as it used to do in vanilla.
  • New ui icons (made by me) - • mp5, • mp5 sd, • mama's beads, • exoskeleton,
    • Kimber 1911 DW, • lr-300 sniper, • AN-94 sniper, • groza 5.45, • fort 15, • bandage.
  • Owr's icons were flipped (ocd kicked in) all the attachments positions were corrected for that as well, additionally, since OWR icons had big compression artefacts anything that wasn't a weapon icon was replaced.
  • There is front facing exo icon but you need swap it yourself as i like the rear facing icon i made more (all other armor icons are front facing).
  • Few weapons had their positions adjusted for FOV up to 83 - Using higher FOV than that is not recommended.
  • Better night vision, both "bad" and "good".
  • There are 2 technicians in the game that will fix your items (zrp's feature):
    - Screw - Freedom's technician that you can find on a scrap yard behind freedom's main quarters (you need to give him a bottle of vodka once to unlock his services) he is always accessible.
    - Ivantsov - Duty's technician that is located in front of the entrance to duty's main quarters (you can access him after unlocking the quest to reach brain scorcher).
    This is something to put an emphasis on preparations as i find it too convenient that any trader could repair your items (as it is in other repair mod).
  • AMK sleeping bag - zrp's feature. I am considering to use the aa2's sleeping mod but there is something that stops me from implementing it.
  • COP monolith soldiers audio - as in the SHOC monolith soldiers are voiced by the same voices as stalkers but pitch shifted i extracted COP voice lines. Additionally, as the COP sounds have only one variation (masked) i equalized all the sounds to make unmasked version as most of the monolith stalkers in SHOC are not wearing a mask.
  • Unique weapons will be slightly more unique now, some will have new models and sounds (some weapons will only have new sounds)
  • Unique weapons with new model:
    • Mp5 suppressed, • AN-94 sniper, • lr300 sniper, • Colt 1911 suppressed, • Groza 5.45,
    • Farshooter SVD, • Sig 550 sniper, • Aks-74u "spetsnaz", • Aks-74 "spetsnaz", • Fort 15.

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It looks and sounds great! the captions are a great touch, what are your specs?

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Kardiofatim Author

GPU - Gigabyte Radeon R9 280 oc
CPU - Intel Core i7-3770
RAM - 16 GB

Nothing really special as of today, i was getting 50-60 fps while recording the video, and since there is no mods like reshade or enb used by default you probably should not worry much over the pc specs.

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this looks promising!

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the youtube compression deep fried your video

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Kardiofatim Author

I know >.>
I can't remember the last time i was this disappointed.
I specifically set youtube friendly format, encoding etc. while exporting the video and yet it has worse quality than some of my old streams... exported file was 9gb so not that much, and original file was 34gb, i will try to send it on google drive and maybe there it will not compress it.
"look how they massacred my boy"

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It looks and sounds great!

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can run with low end pc?? :(

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It ran on mine with the use of static lighting support of course.

My specs are:
Intel Pentinum Gold G5400 @ 3.70Hz

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