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The latest version of Vox is now available both on Desura and also as a new demo version available from IndieDB.

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The latest updated to Vox includes many new features and bug fixes that make it more playable for all players. The previous crash bug and graphical glitches have been fixed and the game now runs a lot smoother.

There is a new landscape generation algorithm that will produce much nicer landscapes when you create a world. This includes vast mountains, valleys and better grassy areas with tress, flowers and grass.

Grassy patches and knolls
Better landscape generation

The improved landscape algorithm also includes cave generation.

The new patch also includes several new monsters that are both deadly and fun to fight against. Watch out for the new slime varieties and also the mimics that are cunning and sneaky, hiding away as ordinary treasure chests. There are also ghosts that come out at night time that like to spook and scare you...

Slimes Mimics

New monster varieties

Generic ghosts (Non-doppelganger)
New ghosts

Crafting has also been improved and there are now many more ore varieties scattered throughout the world. Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold are all just waiting to be found and refined.

There are also many new items to be found in the world and treasure chests will contain random loot. What will you find on your adventures?

Wings Rocket Boots
New items and random loot

There is also a lot of other cool stuff that has also been included in the new update, but I don't want to give you a running commentary of everything, else that will spoil some of the surprises... You should play the latest version and see what you can find for yourself.

Here are the full patch notes:

New Features:

  • Fix it so that world sizes of medium, large and infinite work as intended.
  • More block types - snow, rocks - change some block colour variations.
  • Improvements to the landscape/world generation.
  • Add grassy patches to the landscape generation algorithm.
  • Make spell shots from wand also have a light and create a fading light when exploding.
  • New block types - underground, stone, magma, etc...
  • Improve the underground chunk generation.
  • Allow underground chunks that don't contribute to the above ground landscape generation.
  • Add colour and occlusion toggles to the options menu.
  • Block colour variation, world geometry and world scenery are now properties of the world.
  • Add cave generation toggle to world creation options.
  • Create world screen has more options to select.
  • Changes to the multiplayer popup box.
  • Fade out background colour when we have a popup box.
  • New GUI graphics and improvements to common button components.
  • Update all in-game GUI to use now common buttons.
  • New inventory and character stats icons.
  • Add Iron, Silver and Gold deposits.
  • Monster slime audio.
  • Audio effect on the fireball cast and explode, from the fire wand.
  • Better Scythe boomerang - thrown straight forwards, no arc-swing.
  • Fireball staff now uses mana to cast.
  • Random Loot system. Treasure chests now contain random loot from the world
  • Use a weighted random loot generator that favours random loot items that have not yet been found.
  • Add mimics and ghosts to random monster quests generation.
  • New rare magical item - Rocket boots!
  • New rare magical item - Icarus wings - Allows double jump.
  • Frontend mode ALWAYS has block colour variation enabled.
  • Modify the intro sequence and tweak camera angles/positions.


  • Fix for player collision getting stuck sometimes when items fall out of the world.
  • Only do item collisions when we are within collision distance to the player.
  • Only do item collisions if we are visible in the draw distance and not frustum culled.
  • Enemy spawning and NPC quests on other worlds, not just 1 and 2.
  • Quieter player footsteps and jumping sound effects.
  • Return item pointer when adding loot to chests.
  • Be sure to set the scale and offset when adding items.
  • Make sure Left and right values are set by loot items.

Stay tuned for more Vox updates and be sure to stop by the forums to post your suggestions, and any cool screenshots that you have taken or fun items you have made!

PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments


Have you thought about a item-creation-competition? So people can contribute all kind of stuff and maybe win to have a unique or so named after them?

Would be cool^^

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AlwaysGeeky Author
AlwaysGeeky - - 532 comments

This is a great Idea. I actually did run a competition a short while ago to allow people to create cool characters.

Feel free to share any cool items that you are created :D

Reply Good karma+3 votes
killeralian - - 8 comments

How about water falls now you know to go with the moutains

and parachutes and animals! ^_^

it would then be epic!!!!

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IDED - - 4 comments

Anyway to stop falling into the landscape in less than 10 seconds of starting the game? I just bought it and so far all I have got to do it make a character and then fall into the terrain

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AlwaysGeeky Author
AlwaysGeeky - - 532 comments

What pc specs do you have? It sounds like you are trying to run it on a low spec machine. You can try to turn the settings down in the options menu. Turn draw distance down, shadows off. And generate a world with caves off, colour variation off, world geometry and scenery off. And see if that works better for you?

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IDED - - 4 comments

4gb 1022ghz ram, geforce 8800gtx, 3.0ghz dual core, 500gb sata2 hd. I wouldnt say low spec it runs dues ex human rev on high with no issues lol, so got any other sugestions for the bug?

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texteo - - 6 comments

How do you save your characters? I created my own customized character 3 times and it crashed me twice before I was able to enter the game, and once during actuall playthrough and neither one of those times was it saved. Maybe I am to dum to notice it, so can you show me how to do it?

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AlwaysGeeky Author
AlwaysGeeky - - 532 comments

HI, this was a bug that was introduced fairly recently... It is fixed in the new patch 0.31 that is currently waiting authorization from Desura. You should have this fix soon.

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texteo - - 6 comments

thx. I am updating it now :3

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Guest - - 689,267 comments


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megaminecraft39 - - 4 comments

add LOTS of quests and just a sugestion you consider a morality system and good and evil items example big flaming dark sword or bright golden shiny sword just a suggestion

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megaminecraft39 - - 4 comments

oh and also plz add a bunch of random thing that people are like huuh whats that when they see it

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Guest - - 689,267 comments

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