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A quick fireside chat about the mod's menus and aesthetics.

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I've spent a good deal of time thinking about how I could distance the look from others. Make it distinctly "Halo", so to speak. To do that, I took a look back at previous titles. Specifically, their great great menu design:

Main Menu Sub-menu
Research Tab

I knew I wanted to shoot for the Halo 2 aesthetic. To me, it was defintitely the most eye pleasing and captured the high tech militarism of the UNSC fairly well.

UNSC Interface (re-do)

The decision to go for a holographic look meant big changes to the usual look of the gameplay. I won't go into too much detail here, but expect for most objects in SotP to have pop-up status reports and labeling. An article concerning just that will likely be just around the corner.

Anyways, till next time.

Tormidal - - 185 comments

Yay. :)

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(212th)leader - - 171 comments

Any information you can get is helpful. And dude, I need more information! How about some unit stats perhaps? I can understand you being busy and I can sympathize with that, but you could talk more about units. - With all due respect.

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CanadaMan7 Author
CanadaMan7 - - 2,586 comments

Understandable, I'll talk about them at length at some point.

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Capt.Keyes - - 518 comments

CanadaMan will you be changing the icons and renaming research like the fleet capacity? The fleet Cap. Could be a UNSC Insignia slowly growing in size and pieces until its the full Insignia.

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CanadaMan7 Author
CanadaMan7 - - 2,586 comments

Dude, I'm gonna try to replace everything.

Dont know how the Covenant system is going to work but I thought I could make it like the ranks from Halo 3 for the UNSC's.

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mikemxs89 - - 19 comments

CanadaMan if you would you should really devolope just a stock version of sins of a solar empire!

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Sniperae - - 6 comments

First of all, I must say thanks and good luck with your work; it must be hard to balance this with all the other aspects of life (eating, sleeping, working, more eating ;) ). I also believe that you are having an ever growing fanbase! I think I was one whenever I had this game, probably 3-4 years...maybe 2-3.

What kind of major differences will there be between the two factions? Such as production, technological differences, etc...Also, would there be any "Campaign" type similar to the series? Nothing fancy, just a map with the UNSC worlds (my brother built one once for the original; was excellent).

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