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At long last here it is, the 1.0 Public Release of the RGN Vietnam Mod :D

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Features 10 new maps:
- mp_vm_hue
- mp_vm_hue_day
- mp_vm_hospital
- mp_vm_hospital_day
- mp_vm_firstblood
- mp_vm_maquina
- mp_vm_maichau
- mp_vm_vietcong
- mp_vm_scrap
- mp_vm_stream
Currently supports all CODWaW Stock Gametypes:
- Deathmatch
- Team Deathmatch
- Search and Destroy
- Sabotage
- Domination
- Capture the flag
- War
- King of the Hill (HeadQuarters)
Features 28 weapons:
US Cavalry:
- M16 (full auto and burst) [Assault]
- M3A1 Grease Gun [Assault]
- M1A1 Thompson [Assault]
- M14 Rifle [Rifleman]
- M1A1 Carbine [Rifleman]
- Springfield M1903[Rifleman]
- M14 XM21 [Sharpshooter]
- M40A1 [Sharpshooter]
- M60 [Support]
- Browning M1919A6 Bipod [Support]
- Winchester 1200 [Engineer]
- AK47 (Full auto and Single Shot) [Assault]
- Ppsh-41 [Assault]
- Pps-43 [Assault]
- K-50M [Special Ops]
- SKS w/AK magazine [Rifleman]
- Mosin-Nagant [Rifleman]
- Kar98k [Rifleman]
- SVD Dragunov [Sharpshooter]
- Mosin Scoped [Sharpshooter]
- RPD [Support]
- DP-28 Bipod [Support]
- M1897 Trench Gun [Engineer]
All/Admin choice:
- Colt 1911 Handgun
- 357 Magnum
- M79 "Thumper" [Admin choice]
- TT-Tokarev Handgun
- Double Barreled Shotgun [Engineer]
- Double Barreled Saw-Off Shotgun [Engineer]
Composed of 6 classes per sides:
Assault - Light Machine guns (M16, AK47 ...)
Rifleman - Rifles, bolts & semi-auto (Kar98, SKS...)
Sharpshooter - Snipers Rifles (M21, SVD Dragunov ..)
Support - Heavy Machine guns (M60, RPD ...)
Engineer - Shotguns, M79 Grenade Launcher
S.O.G/Special Ops - Sub Machine guns with Silenced options (XM177, K50...)

List of features in the current version 1.0:

HUD features:
- Hud ammo / warning hide handling
- Team status hud
- Crosshairs handling
- Enemy crosshairs handling
- Rank and crosshair names handling
- Death icon handler
- Hit icon handler
- Hardcore persistent minimap option
- Claymore/bettys icon handling
- Range finder function (scoped or non-scoped)
- Third person mode option
Menus features:
- Force auto assign
- Weapon lock feature
- Server info menu with player info
- Rules handling in server info
- Add server to favourite option
- Class limitation handling
- Admin Menu with multiple functions (see Notes)
Health features:
- Health bar
- Health packs
- Bleeding out
- First aid handling
- Call for medic (via quickmenu)
Weapons features:
- Firing mode on-the-fly (not for all weapons, see Notes)
- Longer smoke grenades
- Claymores added
- Signal Smoke Nades
- Grenades models per team
- Drop grenades handling
- Map turret handling
- Zoom scope function (on scoped weapon only)
- Napalm/Mortar Hardpoints Streak handling
- Perk setup handling
- Bash Melee on most weapons
- Weapon pool: Spawn pre-selected weapon on maps
- Booby traps (used when player has at least 2 grenades)
Realism features:
- Drop weapons on shoot handling
- View shift on shoot handling
- Pain/Death Sounds
Miscellaneous features:
- Server messages
- Welcome messages
- Anti-bunny hopper, and anti-jump shoot
- Spawn protection
- Ambient Mortars, Flaks
- Ambient Huey Helicopters
- Napalm Airstrike (for Allies)
- Player Speed handling
- Forfeit override function
- Anti-camping handling
- Anti-sprint on start handling
- Taunts per team (via quickmenu)
- Custom Battle Chatters per team
- Custom Voiceovers per team
- Custom Spawn music
- Sound occlusion handling
- Client Console handling
- Helmet popping option
- Music handling (spawn + in game)
- Anti-Lag, Gravity handling
- Radio playing in some Custom Maps

Downloading now, can't wait to play this, you've put a lot of work into this mod.

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zeroy Author

Thx you, i sure did, hope you like it :D

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Awesome downloading now! :D

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Nice, what't the system requirements?

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zeroy Author

To have Call of Duty World at War installed & working, that is all

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Bummer, COD5 is too slow for me. :(

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