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Manuals and videotutorials are boring, they say. Yes, it's true, but with them you can see inside the game. How is it, how it is developed. We bring you here 3 videotutorials and the online manual. You can then decide if it's up to you to play Math Combat Challenge.

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When we think about buying a game, we usually inform ourselves, especially if the developer is unknown, or if the game causes us doubts. Will I like its style? Its contents? The developer's support?

The temple

We are aware that, being complete strangers (although we have worked on other projects separately), it is essential that the player see if the game is going to be to his/her liking.

To do this, we have recorded three videotutorials that show the details of the game, plus an online manual that we believe is quite complete. The game itself incorporates an internal tutorial, and a video with the most basic details. All this so that the player can see if it is of interest.

Therefore, here we present the 3 videotutorials, one general, another dedicated to surface areas, and another for the spacecraft, undoubtedly the most complex part of the game by far.

You can write to us on the blog and ask whatever you want. Maybe we could send you something more than an answer.

Oh, by the way, the game is being developed for Mac and XBox One too.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Math Combat Challenge is ready for launch on Steam.

You can find the manual in english here, spanish here.

Video 1: the basics of Math Combat Challenge.

Video 2: surface arenas.

Video 3: space arenas.

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