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The first Developement Video of my Half-Life 2 Episode 2 Mod.

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Well, This is the first development video of the mod, enjoy ! :D

As you can see, I add :

- New particles bullet tracers
- New particles explosions
- New particles muzzle flash (only Npc for the moment)
- Ironsight (Not really, hard to see ni this video)
- Legs
- New impacts effects (particles and FX)
- Headshot (Yeah, Hard to see in this video, just more blood and some gib :P)
- Gibbing (When you explode your enemies)
- ViewBob
- And more...

Spooboy - - 2,028 comments

Awesome changes! Now I'm sad more people don't know about this mod. And oh man the rocket explosions and smoke effects make me want to...well let's just say that I come to your cool.

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Mik0112 - - 103 comments

Looks beautiful, but I saw no ironsight in the video.
I saw a slight zoom and the weapon being slightly more centered, but ironsight is, if I recall correctly, when you look down the barrel of the gun and aim as you would, if you had the gun in hand.

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Captain_Perfect - - 552 comments

that's no ironsight but otherwise good stuff

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ThrillerProd Author
ThrillerProd - - 173 comments

Thanks ;)
It just a sighting, like in Neotokyo Mod.

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NoobSaibot - - 316 comments

When I first looked at the name of the mod, I thought it said "Constipation"

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ThePeanutBaron - - 249 comments

Not a big fan of the blue trail that follows the grenades.

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XenuXemu - - 435 comments

I hate headbob to no end. It's the most unrealistic idea ever. The way human beings focus their eyes as they move means little "headbob" is noticeable to the person that is moving.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it just because I object to it, I'd just appreciate the ability to turn headbob off included in the mod.

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ThrillerProd Author
ThrillerProd - - 173 comments

I understand, I already think at this.
But it's okay, you can desactive it ^^

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