Not entirely sure what to say here...

I'll just shoot from the hip:

I'm currently a young male, living in Denmark. My aspiration is getting an education as a character animator and I'm currently bettering myself with that goal in mind.

I guess it goes without saying that I enjoy drawing and, well, games.
I've yet to decide if I want to pursue a career within cartoons, games or movies, or perhaps something entirely different.

Other than that I'm a pretty down-to-earth guy.

If there's anything you wish to know, feel free to ask away.

Thank you for taking your time to read up on me.


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Kicking things off.

Mik0112 Blog

I've always loved to speak my mind.

I'm not claiming that I always have something intelligent or relevant to say, but nonetheless ranting can be interesting.

For the past year my activity on Moddb (and slightly on Indiedb) has increased, and so I felt that I should at least add some content to my own page as well.

I've never been very active on the modding scene, only managing to do simple stuff.

The first game I tried my hand with was Oblivion, in which my greatest feats were adding a player-owned unicorn and a summon-able Gate Keeper (Should be on Tesnexus still, actually). Oh yeah, and I wrote a few stories for ingame books.
Yeah, pretty basic stuff, I know.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl my greatest feat was adding and tweaking weapons.
Again, pretty basic stuff.

I guess I've only ever bothered learning just enough for me to tailor the mods a little more to my liking.

If you've read my brief Bio here, then you'll already know that I'm quite fond of drawing.
I've always loved drawing and have had it as a hobby since... Well, since I was introduced to coloring pencils, I guess.

While I may be slightly skilled at drawing, I find looking at other people's work to be truly humbling.

I appreciate most types of art, particularly when I can see exactly how skillful the artist behind must be. Probably also the reason I will never really understand the less classical types of art...

I enjoy writing stories as well - There's just something about building personalities and exploring them that appeals to me. It's... Brilliant.

I guess you could say I'm working on a project. I'm trying to create a simplistic net-comic, of sorts.
Let's just see where that leads, when we get there.

If you're reading this... You're quite stubborn, aren't you?
There's no wise words to round this off with, though.
But thanks for reading.

TL;DR - ... Why bother...

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