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Interviews with Jennifer Hale, Michael Gamble and Dave Marshall. ME3 Gameplay Preview and ME Facebook Game.

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Interviews with Jennifer Hale

In this interview with Jennifer Hale the voice of FemShep has performed at PAX she chats a little about their work the events in Mass Effect 3 - of course without anything important to betray - the crew and Shepard.

PAX Panel Podcast Female Characters

Escapist Magazine has a podcast up of a PAX panel called 'What women really want from female characters'. It's on the long side, but well worth the listen. What I appreciated most about it is it presents a more balanced, realistic view of the situation than we tend to get in the annals of fandom message boards, addressing a broad range of concerns and acknowledging the real-world forces at work in game making.

Interviews with Michael Gamble and Dave Marshall

There's an interview with Dave Marshall from Dark Horse @ Newsrama about the artbook that will come out in February. He talks about the content, scope, length/size, etc. Turian ladies will be included :P Also Michael Gamble did an interview with TenTonHammer about ME3 that is a little bit about everything.

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Preview

Updated: Possible ME facebook game?

Some of you may have heard that EA2D (the studio that made the Dragon Age Facebook game) got re-branded as Bioware San Francisco not too long ago, and now there's this:

Inside Social Games reports that BioWare San Francisco (formerly EA's EA2D studio) has posted a want-ad for a producer to lead a new social gaming project. Given the timing and the success of the company's Dragon Age: Legends tie-in game, it's certainly possible that the studio is planning the launch of a social game set in the Mass Effect universe. The fact that the job posting describes the project as a "social game for gamers" certainly sets off my "this is based on a console franchise" alert.
More info at the sauce.

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

The Dragon Age game can be played on Kongregate without a Facebook account. While not perfect, I can think of some significantly worse games someone could play. I expect we'll be seeing an art style similar to the Dragon Age game/Mass Effect Galaxy.

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Officerpuppy - - 70 comments

ME FB game, heh heh. I wonder if it will play like The Sims but with guns.

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