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Fellow redcoats and Indunas we've released a new short video of a British player defending against a Zulu attack at Rorkes Drift, the 2nd in our series.

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Defending against a Zulu Attack at Rorkes Drift
Previously we released a video of a player launching a Zulu attack at Rorkes Drift, todays short video is shot from a similar multiplayer game played ( 1 verse 1) but this time shows the opposite where a British player defends against a Zulu attack at the same location.

All players have a detachment of soldiers or warriors they can command. The video shows the British defender quickly organizing his soldiers to defend the wall against a Zulu charge.

Rorkes Drift
Rorkes Drift was the scene of the true story and iconic battle of survival that occurred in 1879 where 150 British soldiers held off an attacking force of around 4000 Zulus.

Like all maps in our game the Rorkes Drift map was based on and reproduced to scale from satellite images of the area, old photographs and original maps drawn at the time of the conflict.

Whilst the video is taken from a multiplayer game you will also be able to play the game in singleplayer as well.

View Attack at Rorkes Drift Video
To view the attack video news item read here.

Note: The videos are unedited and shot from a pre-alpha build of the game except the in game sound was toned down so the voice was more clear, also a bit of background music was added to the video which does not appear in game, otherwise its all pre-Alpha code and a single recording.



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