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Zerg units explode into puddles of red goo in this new video of Warcraft vs Starcraft!

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Someone from Blizzard once said that the enemies in Diablo lived to die, and that one of the greater joys in the game is to watch those enemies meet their demise. We were inclined to agree with this line of thinking, and so for WVS gave the Zerg in WVS a little more bloodier and gutsier death closer to Starcraft 1's than the SC2 counterpart. Less realistic, perhaps, but fun to look at nonetheless!


Whenever a unit dies in Starcraft 2, there's blood everywhere, except on the model of the unit itself. In WVS we use seperate models for the unit deaths so that (A) the unit's body texture will have blood on it when it dies, and (B) we can make sure the animation is more properly animated for the way each unit dies (The Hydralisk's head explosion, for example).

AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

they're all nice but the hydralisk death was especially epic win :)

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Savci - - 385 comments

Pretty nice, although the blood (from the animation?) disappears pretty quickly and the drone didn't have too many body parts. Also, the effects themselves look a bit smoky.
Otherwise, awesome.

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zonbie - - 1,299 comments

how tough would it be to have the blood stick around for fifteen whole minutes. i want to be reminded of epic battles by seeing the old rotting corpses and bloody splats of my comrades for a long long time.

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Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments

Damn, you guys are working hard on this.

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C&C-Pickled - - 1,338 comments

I thought I was watching Starcraft 1 & 2 the whole time!

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