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Embark on your quest to fulfill your grand manifest destiny and spread republicanism around the world! Unite the America's, colonize Africa, and fight for sovereignty against the European Powers! It's all in your hands!

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Join us in playing Victoria II: The Supernations Mod Version 1.40!

"The Republic Update"

In its newest update, the Supernations mod explores alt-history scenarios of the United States as well as adding a multitude of flavor events that seek to take the player through the historical events of the era surrounding the Great Republic. Guide your nation to become a superpower and form the North American Union. For the truly ambitious players, the Greater Republic of the Americas awaits you should you succeed in true global domination.

With over a hundred new events added for the United States and dozens of decisions, experience a United States Victoria II run like never before! With custom-made wars, rebellions, new casus-bellis, and full-fledged American Imperialism, it is up to you to guide your nation through one of the most tumultuous times in global history. Will you watch over the rise of the Great Republic? Or preside over its downfall? The choice is yours!

Download the new update now!

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