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Update v0.1.4 comes with tons of new replayability along with secrets and easter eggs.

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3ra titleVersion 0.1.4 is now out, and with it comes tons of new replayability! Here's the full changelog:

Adjustments and Additions:

  • Menus
    • 10 new secrets have been added to the warning screen, main menu, and minigame selection screen. (On release each of the menus had 10 secrets and easter eggs.)
    • Made some lighting changes to the main menu and the minigame selection screen.
    • Two new characters join the Funhouse Family. (Originally, they were going to be saved for the full release.)
  • Updated to the latest version of Unity 2021 (2021.2.16f1).

  • Adjusted and added a new scene transition
    • Each minigame will now have their own unique scene transition.

  • Archive #1
    • Two new ambient tracks have been added.
    • Made some lighting adjustments to the forest.
    • Tweaked the Funtime Value. (The game's random event generator).
    • Tweaked the Jester opening introduction to be a tab bit more dramatic.
    • Changed the stage lights to more of a pale yellow color.
    • 3 new deathlines have been added.
    • Adjusted the speed of D.O.LLDIE.
    • Added traps to the minigame.

Hail to the Jester DEATH

  • Archive #2
    • Adjusted the speed of the vehicles.
    • Completely revamp the scoring system for the minigame.
    • When getting a GameOver Yvonne can now be seen outside her car.
    • Changed Graphic API for a more Retro look.

HomeDressing 4

  • 25 new secrets and easter eggs have been added to the overall game.
    • 10 in the menus
    • 5 in Archive #1
    • 10 in Archive #2
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