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Improvements to the lobby responsiveness and a number of tech fixes

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  • Galactic War setup is much more responsive as the galaxy is now only generated once you click "Go To War" and not every time you change a setting
  • Buffed Catalyst Upgrade Tech
  • Removed Tougher Commanders option from setup as this is now integrated into the AI buffs system


  • Selection icon not being removed from the system the player started at
  • Structure Armor Tech not including the Halley in its tooltip
  • Orbital Engine Tech tooltip including structures
  • Bot Combat Tech health and speed bonuses not being applied to the Gil-E
  • Complete Bot Tech tooltip not listing the Stinger or Gil-E
  • Complete Orbital Tech tooltip not listing the ARKYD
  • Stinger Upgrade tooltip
  • Tooltips for Vehicle Factory and Advanced Vehicle Factory being reversed
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