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Work done to improve Uber's multi-planet gameplay and performance

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  • Uber builds Omegas again
  • Changed how orbital threat is assessed when determining what orbital units to build
  • Reduce chance of Uber's asteroid fabber assist check triggering due to a false positive
  • Uber requires slightly more metal in storage to trigger its excess eco fabber assistance protocol
  • Uber will use Advanced Laser Towers to defend Metal Extractors
  • Uber will only build Catapults when advanced land units have been seen
  • Uber won't consider Catapults when choosing where not to place other surface defences
  • Adjusted how Uber considers its ground based anti-orbital defences
  • Don't check for land defence locations with naval fabbers
  • Uber builds basic radar to support basic artillery
  • When alone on a planet only expand the factory count if this is the main eco planet and the system land threat big enough
  • Possible fix for orbital anti-ground units sometimes not engaging enemies
  • Ensure Gold and above maintain proper mobile AA ratios on multi-planet maps
  • Uber makes Stingers to protect base from air even when it can make Spinners
  • Attempt to place teleporters in locations which maximise their accessibility
  • Better protection at low levels against silly torpedo launcher placements
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