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Improvements to the interplanetary game along with general tweaks

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  • Silver and Gold avoid overbuilding Stitches in Unit Cannons
  • Uber avoids overproducing Strykers on multi-planet maps
  • Avoid blocking factories and teleporters with defences and titans
  • Increase space around teleporters
  • Reduce unnecessary excess eco expenditure on factories by Uber
  • Uber requires less fabbers to start considering nuke builds
  • Correct the number of fabbers Platinum builds when alone
  • Ensure enough fabbers for super weapons no matter the planet size
  • Tweak Bronze and Silver requirements for superweapon builds
  • Prevent Casual prematurely building planetary engines
  • Don't build Catalysts on a planet where an ally is building engines
  • Don't build engines on a planet where an ally is building Catalysts
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