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HZM Coop Script Mod 4.3 includes massive bug fixes and feature upgrades to make this Mod again to what it once was, "arguably the most stable co-op experience of all current game modifications".

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HZM Coop 4.3, in essence a big "upgrade-patch"

Customisation and user comfort is not a luxury it's a standard in this mod, help us with your commentary to improve this Mod. Many bugs have been reported with v4.2, in fact it is the most buggiest version of our Coop Mod ever released.

Now here is what we gona do about it:

  1. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience this may has caused for you
  2. All reported bugs will be fixed in 4.3
  3. 4.3 will be as stable and reliable as possible
  4. A dynamic default weapon detection routine will be implemented, this routine will configure the mod automatically when ever it is a Ultimate Patch Mod server or not
  5. Shipped default game bugs will be fix, this will make the mod work more reliable
  6. Servers will now reboot automatically, reboot can be disabled via configuration-variable
  7. Players will no longer get stuck in each other, on spawn or teleport
  8. Multiple small lag sources, will be eliminated
HZM Coop Mod 4.2; NCC 1701e Deck16 Warpcore HZM Coop Mod - Mission 6

Want more details?

Here is the current changelog for you!


  • Support for 12 instead of 8 Players!
  • Cvar: coop_disableServerReboot, servers reboot now on default
  • Class: Technicans can spawn a Transporter
  • Class: Only Technicians can now Modulate regular Puzzles
  • Class: Technician, resistance: Electric=30%,Vaporize=20%,Disruptor=20%,Falling=-20%
  • Class: Medic, resistance: Poisen-gas=50%,Slime=50%,Falling=20%
  • Class: HeavyWeapons, resistance: Melee=30%,Explosion=20%,Sniper=50%
  • Cvar: coop_enableForceModel, to force all Player Models to Munro
  • m6-deck8_redalert: Puzzle to diable the Burning plasma inside the Jefry-Tube
  • m6-deck8_redalert: Ladder to allow climbing up the Jefry-Tubes
  • By the Co-Op Mod changed player models will be restored when joining regular game server
  • Server Message cVar, allowing Server-Admins to set a Message when a Player joins the game: coop_serverMessage
  • Over the limit Players will no longer be kicked, they can wait in Spectator and will join in when any active player leaves the game.


  • NPC: TEAM-AI, Borgboss AI
  • coop_server.cfg
  • Last Man Standing Modus: Info Messages
  • Player Equip routine
  • Player put-away weapon routine
  • SafeWarp: Avoids blocking of actors by players
  • Force Model routine, Force Model is now off on default
  • Secret3: Added Tricorder in player inventory
  • m1l3-borg_boss: Added Drones to re-enforce the Advanced Drone
  • m4l1a-attrexian_station: Ambient Sounds, reduced (reduces lag)
  • m4l1a-attrexian_station: Avakstas Cinematic skip dialogues
  • m4l1b-attrexian_station: Removed level-end countdown
  • m6-deck16_engineering: Removed level-end countdown
  • m6-deck1_bridge_redalert: Level ends after cinematic now automatically
  • m6-deck1_bridge_redalert: Removed unused Munro
  • m7l2c-attrexian_colony: Removed level-end countdown
  • m11l1a-drull_ruins3_boss: Enlarged Group activate Trigger


  • romulan_base-rebel-female.tik, original game tiki was shipped with a cache error
  • romulan_base-rebel-male.tik, original game tiki was shipped with a cache error
  • staticmodel-drull-shield.tik, original game tiki was shipped empty
  • worldmodel-drull-shield.tik, original game tiki was shipped empty
  • shared-drull-shield.tik, original game tiki was shipped empty
  • cg_timebasedcommands.cpp, original game code was shipped empty
  • Multiple small lag sources, these models are now pre-cached.
  • Players getting stuck in each other when spawning, players are notsolid as loong as stuck in each other
  • m3l1a-forever: Errors in the Into Cinematic in Singleplayer
  • m3l1a-forever: Franklin being invisible in Singleplayer
  • m3l1a-forever: Low health on Mission start in Multiplayer
  • m4l1a-attrexian_station: Decompression sequence closing the door twiche and allow players to fall into space
  • m4l1a-attrexian_station: Cart crash transition skipping
  • m4l1a-attrexian_station: Cart-attack-chewer attack timing
  • m6-deck16_engineering: Chrash on warpcore breach
  • m6-deck16_engineering: Chrash on Tube destruction (before cinematic)
  • m6-deck16_engineering: Turbolift doors staying open
  • m6-deck1_bridge_redalert: Chrash on Cinematic
  • m6-deck1_bridge_redalert: Rebels spawned twiche
  • m7l1a-attrexian_colony: Classes mis-location(under the bridge)
  • m7l1b-attrexian_colony: Grate door getting stuck when blocked by a player
  • m7l2b-attrexian_colony: Trace Gas and Structuralintegrety Viewmode
  • Puzzles: Multiple sessions started on one player
  • Puzzles: Tricorder not spawning or rotating
  • Objectives: Shown twiche in a row randomly
  • Team Switch Excess, kicking players dieing 9 times in a row


  • Cvar: coop_disForceModel
  • Cvar: coop_allowServerReboot
  • Cvar: coop_disForcedMapLoad
  • Red-Screen fade-out on mission failure
  • Mission Models for Multiplayer, model is now only forced in singleplayer again
  • Class: Medic Healing over Time, Technician reciving Shield over Time, Heavy Weapons, reciving ammo over Time

More fixes and updates are to be expected, keep on reporting!


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