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Large number of fixes as well as improvements to Legion usage and Uber Naval

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  • Panzer builds at Uber level properly updated for changes to anti-air ratios
  • Uber builds less Deathmarks
  • Uber builds more Scorpions
  • Improved checks for lava
  • Uber builds less Monstrosities
  • Increased chance of Uber building an Ares
  • Fix for Gold and above getting in situations where they wouldn't scout orbitally
  • Tweak to teleporter placement
  • Gold won't build Locusts in Unit Cannon to work around an issue which caused them not to fire
  • Uber builds more Minimen in response to Scorpions
  • Uber won't build Praetorians in response to non-Titan air
  • Uber Naval puts greater emphasis on T1 naval when it's fighting a sub war
  • Don't look for naval build locations using land fabbers as it's rare enough that it's not worth the performance cost
  • Capped the number of naval scouts Uber will use
  • Uber won't build Hammerheads when it's losing the sub war
  • Uber forms larger naval platoons for Legion when using Catfish
  • Don't treat Kaijus as artillery
  • Don't count Talos when forming offensive naval scout platoons
  • Fixed hover units not being excluded from offensive naval scout platoons by Silver and Uber
  • Uber uses a higher number of Peacekeepers in its early game forces and maintains a small amount later on
  • Expand lobby message to cover AI best practice
  • Removed remaining references to Uber Land
  • Fix for Gold, Platinum and Uber building too many Marauders at once
  • Fixed Uber Tank not working correctly when playing as Legion
  • Prevent Corsairs being put in the wrong squad
  • Uber Naval will build air second with Legion as it doesn't have access to Patriots
  • Uber Naval is smarter about meeting its fabber requirements
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