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Complete focus on improvements to Uber this time, especially in 1v1, Free for All and Naval

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  • Uber doesn't run its energy as tight
  • Corrected an error in Uber's energy handling
  • Lowered priority of building factories specifically for AA
  • Check Advanced Vehicle Fabricators can move around before Uber builds them
  • Improve how Uber's Commander protects itself from air snipes
  • Uber MLA uses far less GIL-Es
  • Uber MLA uses less Bluehawks
  • Reduce the amount of T1 factories constructed as an AA measure
  • Uber Legion won't build more T1 bot factories for AA if it has a T2 bot factory
  • Uber MLA Free-For-All uses less Locusts
  • Uber MLA never uses GIL-E for AA
  • Uber MLA less likely to build Colonels
  • Changed how factory build checks are performed from Silver upwards to encourage more builds and help performance
  • Corrected some build condition name errors
  • Uber's Commander attempts to better protect itself against Boom and Purger snipes
  • Uber avoids building land factories using air fabbers as the initiating builder
  • Uber more consistent at teching
  • Uber will build more advanced naval factories in ponds
  • Uber MLA more willing to go tanks on planets it owns so as to increase likelihood of Levelers
  • Removed Uber Tech personality
  • Removed Uber Land personality
  • Uber Free For All won't use fighters for scouting
  • Remove some checks which stopped Uber Free For All from using tanks when it should
  • Uber Naval uses more Krakens
  • Separate Kaiju from naval platoons again to prevent hording when facing sub fleets
  • Uber assigns less fabbers to metal expansion when alone than it did before
  • Fixed Uber Legion not properly checking for advanced metal extractor possibilities when alone
  • Uber Naval builds an advanced naval fabber before advanced offensive ships
  • Further delayed Uber's building of advanced air
  • Uber priortises metal expansion over energy
  • Uber Free For All is a little less expansive
  • Uber Air won't open with air
  • Uber more likely to produce Spinners when sighting air
  • Reduced the percentage of Uber's land forces comprised of mobile AA
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