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Focus on fixing and improving defensive placements as well as resolving a nasty bug affecting low level island play

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  • Corrected issue on naval maps which could cause Bronze and Silver to not produce fabbers
  • Bronze now spaces its defences
  • Corrected inconsistencies in defence spacing
  • Allowed tighter placement of anti-orbital defences
  • Bronze will build the Hive on the perimeter
  • Fixed Uber not building the Laser Defence Tower when it was supposed to
  • Corrected errors preventing defence placement in certain circumstances
  • Changed how each difficulty detects where it can place defences
  • Bronze and Silver try to avoid placing laser turrets on water
  • Consider more than just land threats when placing Ramparts
  • Push Uber's MEX defence further from the base again
  • Uber slightly more likely to use the Single Laser Defence Tower and Jackal
  • Fix Uber Legion not putting Tolas by super weapons
  • Uber more likely to put AA by MEX
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