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Expect the update to be released within this week. I only have to fix bugs and finalize tweaks.

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Hi Guys.

It's already June, and my preparation classes are starting, so expect that updates will go from weekly to monthly basis. I need to focus on my studies first. Though before I stop at modding, I'll release the latest update first. Also, since I won't be updating this for a while, I'm now considering the mod as released.

Expect the update to be released within this week.
I've added a new video for the Chrono Tank, with the working removed death effect.

Having problems? Here's the Youtube one.

Shock Therapy Version 3.1 Expected Changes:

- Chrono Tank weapon logic revised (again), Now deals 5% of the full health, Insta-kill infantry.
- Chronoshift ability range reduced from 5000 to 1250, ability also limited to its range when used.
- CT rockets are purely anti-air now with better range (still weak damage)
- Added FX for chrono gun fire, and pure blue laser when heroic.
- Hammer Tanks can leech the Chrono Gun again. (disabled with the first logic change)
- Terror Drones inside IFVs enable the Stasis Ray Weapon.
- Primary Faction Objects now have "Erased" death FX
- Super Reactor toxin leak fx when really damaged.
- RA2-ish Chronosphere FX bonus
- Leeched Tesla Tank weapon have a different weapon set template instead of using the Stingray one.
- Tesla Tank scatter surge can be seen clearly. (when 2 or more units are affected)
- Improved Tesla Bomb FX. Now has EMP effect.
- Yuriko psionic crush fx edit from Uprising.
- Shogun Executioner final death FX.
- Shogun Executioner Face now matches the concept art (fangs wide open), damaged texture added.
- Greater Oni damage texture added.
- Greater Oni new Raging Bull Rush ability, charges enemies then jumps to crush main target.
- Some Retextured and Remapped objects (All Factions)
- Tesla Coils are now Tier 3, buildable with a battle lab.
- Soviet Tsar Ballistic Missile = Special Power
- Super Reactors will no longer explode violently when under construction.
- Super Reactor have a toxin leaking effect when really damaged.

P.S. Uprising units... well, soon enough. Meanwhile, have a snip with the new Chrono Tank voice.


That is pretty cool man :)

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Pretty cool, even if I expected to see more units from Uprising. Well good luck with your studies man!

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really man you made some really sweet progress making this game better :) well good :P strong work man i expect more things after your done your studies i know how you feel though exams for me as well.

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Can't wait for This to be released.

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Same >.<

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