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Most of the changes are tweaks to balance things and add more of a challenge

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  • Tweaked Casino Coins spawn rate down by 50% in bookstores
  • Added the Leather Tanning, Ammunition Nation, and Forge Ahead books back into book store loot
  • Increased Scrap Tungsten spawn rate
  • Reduced Sham Sandwich:Moldy Bread recipe to 1:1
  • Reduced overall gun/gun part spawn rate
  • Reduce metal trussing scrap value
  • Added rare weapon parts (toxic & fire) to other loot containers
  • Reduced Oil output for Merchants to 3
  • Increased Vitamin wellness gain to 3
  • Removed First Aid Kits & Vitamins from loot (find a Doctor!)
  • Reduced Food stack value to 10
  • Plain scrap books can only be found in bookstore
  • Reduced damaging effect of drugs to make them more useful
  • Increased zombie guts smell block effect duration
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